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Chinese exports grew 914 times 40 years of reform and opening up will increase | reform and opening | external demand | modernization _ Sina News

Original title: China's export growth of 914 times 40 years of reform and opening up will increase

REVIEW: statistics show that in 2017 about the & # 39; the volume of China's foreign trade, exports, imports (calculated in RMB), respectively, to 20.007 times, 7.43 times, 6.69 times higher than at the beginning of reform and opening in 1978, an increase of 782 times, respectively, 914-fold, 664-fold.

gave military reports newspaper reporter intern Zhang Hejuan from Beijing

This year marks 40 years of reform and openness.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening to a & # 39; the Congress in the Great Hall at 10:18 in December morning. CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping will attend the meeting and delivered an important speech.

For a new round of China's development, the goal was framed. According to nineteen of the report, from 2020 to 2035, on the basis of building a moderately prosperous society, based on the struggle for fifteen years, the basic realization of socialist modernization, the second stage, from 2035 until the middle of this century, the basic realization of a modern basis, and then fifteen years of struggle and turn China into a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country beautiful.

How to ensure the smooth running of the process of modernization, taking into account the public attention. Analysts believe that the next General Assembly and the Conference of the Central Economic Work held on December 18, will be the next reform and reform-oriented implementation of the market. China to speed up reform and opening up a new round of measures announced by the bugle call.

Uncertainty external demand deposit

In accordance with the requirements of the Political Bureau meeting held on 13 December to the dialectical view of changes in the international situation and domestic conditions, enhance the sense of urgency, and still capture the important strategic opportunities for China's development, confidence building, to seize the initiative, the company does not shifted start your own business.

To maintain the strategic focus, focus on moving steadily, strengthen coordination and cooperation, focusing mainly contradiction, a good grasp of rhythm and intensity, and strive to achieve an optimum combination of policies and the greatest overall effect.

The decision is important, because in the current difficult situation, the need to speed up the adjustment of internal and external demand location.

Data show that the first three quarters of this year, economic growth in the 6.7% growth in the third quarter by 6.5%, although the growth rate is much higher than in some developed countries, but compared to China's GDP per capita (GDP ) is less than 10,000 yuan and 2007 the economy grew by more than 14%, the level of the current economic downward pressure.

December 17, Development Research Center of the macro Zhang Junwei State Council, director of the 21st Century Business Herald reporter said that the current economic downward pressure, there are several factors. The key idea of ​​nineteen main report, which proposed a "high quality" of development, but this year has been a number of changes in the economic situation, some people have doubts adhere to the original policy.

"The meeting of the Political Bureau emphasized the confidence their affairs well, is both to see downward pressure on the economy for us, we must strive for a positive trend." He said.

Since the reform and opening up, China requires less investment and consumption-based economy, but after the beginning of this century, China's accession to the WTO, foreign demand contributed to increased economic.

For example, in 2005, in 2006 external demand to stimulate the economy 1.4,1.9 percentage points in 2017, also drew 0.6 percent. the growth rate of 2005, 2006, 2017, and three years of economic was 11.4%, 12.7%, 6.9%.

2017 because of the positive external demand contributed to the growth of the economy, which makes the economy for the first time, to speed up 4 years. And since we are talking about the import and export of consumer and investment goods, in fact, the rapid development of foreign trade, investment and rapid growth in consumption, but also has a huge role in promoting.

Statistics show that about 39 & # 2017; the volume of China's foreign trade, exports, imports (calculated in RMB), respectively, to 20.007 times, 7.43 times, 6.69 times higher than at the beginning of reform and opening up in 1978, an increase of 782 times, respectively, 914 times 664 times.

From the current viewpoint, the external demand may encounter great uncertainty.

Statistics show that China's export growth slowed. November 2018, the total of & # 39; import and export volume increased by 9.1%, growth rate 13.4 percentage points lower than the month. Among them, exports grew by 10.2%, up 9.8 percentage points, while imports grew by 7.8%, up 17.9 percentage points.

December 17, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences He Chuanqi China Center for Modernization Research Business Herald reporter on the 21st century, "said China's economy has entered a speeding the transition period, the internal and external demand growth has slowed, while domestic demand will further the development of new space. Suggestion to accelerate the income distribution reform, promotes the growth of consumption. "

Increasing the opening and reform

December 17, Tsinghua University, China and World Research Center of Economy, Yuan steel Ming interview & # 39; nd with reporters, said that China is speeding up the independent research and development, greater efforts must continue to open for foreign investment in China. The reform, in order to promote the market allocation of resources in order to improve efficiency, productivity, especially private enterprises, private enterprises should also support efforts to expand.

Gang Ming Yuan suggested that we should play in the reform of local and research roles such as research has shown that many of the rural land for non-agricultural use some intelligence made great strides, rural land as state land should be able to play the same role.

He Chuanqi said, to prevent the economic downturn, in addition to accelerating the reform and opening up, but also to accelerate the decentralization reform, improve management efficiency, reduce government spending, reduce the tax burden on businesses and residents.

Until December 14, a spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission Meng Wei macroeconomic data conference, which will focus on the main contradiction in 2019, a good grasp of rhythm and intensity, and strive to achieve an optimum combination of policies and the greatest overall effect.

For this reason, macroeconomic policies to maintain the continuity of stability, according to market participants, should be promptly improve policies, accurate preset manual adjustment for stable market expectations. Stimulating supply consumption upgrade, more consumption potential release, promote the formation of a strong domestic market.

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