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Do not get confused father of a child who thrives Cecilia beauty ah … – Worry-Free Information

Thus, Cecilia official said, and she really was pregnant with three children, and bore a son, "Little Prince" ……

Cecilia is also the first time made a micro-blog with pictures since she could see, very happy.

Then the question is, who the father is? Currently, three versions of the rumors ↓

"Papa" candidate number 1: Zhao Liang Feng

Occupation: Singer

Age: 32 years

For mainland friends that Zhao Liang Feng may seem strange, in fact, he did not shoot more than in Hong Kong, it will probably only fire his affair with Cecilia.

And why he was a child, my father, except that there are two sex scandal this photo ↓ in November 25 this sensitive period (Cecilia birth), it dries following figure photo, is suspected of reference health centers and hospitals.

June found financial support and internal search on the hospital map, the color of the walls and floor & # 39; d really like, but I could not find a place close to the same section of the cabinet.

When a reporter to his confirmation, said Zhao Liang Feng is not was not long and Cecilia contacted by denying that he was a child, my father, so that the possibility of his discharge, then look at the number 2 ↓

"Papa" Candidate number 2: Singapore Regal

Occupation: restaurant chain group of shareholders in Singapore

Age: 65 years

Why suspected him in the media, to take Cecilia to travel frequently this year in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as insider broke the news that two people know, at the end of March this year, in particular the slope of the wealthy Cecilia good mother Bai Zhi brother loved him but also to persuade the two men quickly open case.

Suddenly I remembered the beginning of March, when Cecilia shriveled man and child swimming picture, do not know when he ↓

Although spender age, but if Cecilia Cheung is really good, supporters acknowledged. But both know the end of March, at the end of November, to have children, this rhythm is not really ah? ? ? Then it was No. 3 ↓

"Papa" Candidate number 3: Mainland businessman

Occupation: businessman

Age: 50 years

In addition, candidates must undergo a kind of form, about 50 years old, looks mature, not just money in the community also has a seat position. But the introduction of Bai Zhi's father, two sons Lucas and Quintus, and he get along well.

Although every bit Travels nose with eyes, but so far no one gets Cecilia officially recognized. In addition to these three, the media also found several other "daddy", such as real estate investor Sun Donghai, he not only has the same frame with Cecilia photos ↓

Lucas was photographed with buy toys to accompany Cecilia ↓

But in the annex to this, I did not interact Han also said that the two men, too … for just friends.

There said Cecilia participated in the reality show he Menghuai together two "intimate photos" many ↓↓↓

The program is not broadcast, it was found to have secretly engaged ↓

But the program Well, you know, it's routine propaganda! Soon Cecilia fans stand on the issue of hearing, fake!

As well as foreign men, while Cecilia drying often depicted with their children, and a sense of family feeling.

Cecilia Cheung and it also charges correctly, so that users who have the blessing of all.

. But after he had been denied, Ins hair said Cecilia "Sharing with the & # 39 is a private matter, and now you're getting too much," and made a white cloth picture, he said: "A lot of space for your stories, this white cloth enough for a long time now. "

In general, children's dad too many versions, often goes up, so there's stuff in June does not know what a "real" thing, is the fact, for example, as he Cecilia Cheung said the official, they do not realize.

But one thing is sure that, no matter who the children dad king of hearts was to be expected, one can not be worthy of a blooming beauty Cecilia Cheung, ah, do you think? Business for the period of her face with her baby fat, facial features sweet and clean.

After the child was lost fat, Cecilia Cheung in the United States and the United Kingdom with annoyance, but she was frowning, the heart will be.

Today Cecilia has his debut at age 20, she was also the United States for 20 years, three children, and even pregnant period, but also beautiful, and people are not opening his eyes move ↓

Immediately after birth, so long, who can see that she has three children, 38-year-old mother.

But do you think that Cecilia would be just the United States, nonono, its charm is much more than beautiful that simple. Especially after the divorce, she had the material leaving the King with delight!

Let's talk about her ex-husband Nicholas Tse, two, we can say that "the best ex-wife, ex-husband of" entertainment. Nha tear to get a divorce, only respect each other. No matter how the outside world "provocation", they do not last forever united front to face the media.

Now they have opened a new life, a few years after the divorce, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong compound, Cecilia Cheung took the children to live in Canada, today gave birth to a third child. So on YY Wong, Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung three people, we have to stop it, every good is not very good for you?

And after the divorce Cecilia Cheung also flies very well, but not as members presented it "unfortunate", on the contrary, she lives more exciting! While the children are taken care of, she also found time to take a young person interested in the full & # 39; volume:

skateboarding ↓

surfing ↓

skating ↓

Play basketball ↓

boxing ↓

race ↓

climbing ↓

painting ↓

It can be said to be desyatsibor & # 39; and her mother, it is not surprising, Cecilia always full of vitality, the state is not getting better. Who says a single mother, not too chic and comfortable to do is to open the way to the right Cecilia ah!

What would you say if there is no change after her mother, of course! We all understand the preliminary Cecilia dare do not care about the opinion of other people, when the mother of the children, she was doing before, put the child in the first place. She wiped from foreign surfing models naked in, he said: "If this is not the burden of the family & # 39; and, (I) really want to do."

Sometimes sentimental sent text ↓

"No one can stop me, no one can beat me, but me!"

However, this is not a & # 39 is representative of the average person still have a concern, not to mention it as a public figure. Instead, she would not let us see this vulnerability, and feel more down to earth, more real.

Kar & # 39; EPA, after divorce, Cecilia Cheung fight more than ever, and the days began to try a different area. To participate in the reality show "Star in my house," their "marriage" ordinary rural households in Yunnan Pu & # 39; er, became head Toru Toru foot farmer, were married three months of family life experience:

If the judge in the «Mamma Mia», women pass positive energy ↓

The film does not hold up, but this aspect of its development is not a & # 39 is satisfactory. So as a mother, she could not find a suitable role can only consume their own classic role before she took a "zero Xingyuxinyuan eleven Days of Night» ↓

And "The Lion Roars 2", although this issue was, but word of mouth and box office ……

Unshakable Cecilia start circling the development of television, the first mention of Cecilia, now many of the "movie click" back to the TV: Zhou Xun has "Yi as the" ↓

Carina Lau took "Eighteen Springs» ↓

Soup only ↓ «Daming Princess"

Even Zhang Ziyi also took the TV drama "Emperor Huang industry» ↓

Cecilia Van Ness partner and starred in "Perhaps Love (TV series)", in addition to playing the female lead, she was the producer of this film.

This story is also quite a bit of Cecilia, "individual" means a childless housewife says Wang Ka Ling (played by Cecilia Cheung) after the sense of family misfortune self experience ……..

Regardless of the cause, or life, Cecilia works to life than the appearance, her unwavering tenacity has kept this stock expected the king to enjoy. Perhaps she was very stubborn, but that did not experience side failure in growing it? Reserved rebellious spikes, Cecilia is now more and more beautiful. Again, congratulations to the goddess, and then get a sub ~

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