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Encouraging innovation for the joint development of the excitement – Washington


Foster innovation, enabling joint development (front perspective · beautiful 70-year-old struggle for a new era ②)

Will integrate the elements of innovation policy, industry, business, talent and capital and so on, and build an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship with local characteristics, currently jointly developing industrial synergies should make an effort to break

Take part in the "magnificent 70-year struggle for a new era of" thematic interviews & # 39; nd in Tianjin Binhai – interviews & # 39; nd in the Zhongguancun Science Park. If the indicators to measure the reporter asked gross regional production "is not under pressure," so said Committee Officer Fleet Management: "We are not measured by GDP, is most worried about the deepening of the reforms, service enterprises, stimulate innovation performance" evaluation indicators that reflect changes caused. the concept of innovation.

January 17 this year, Xi Jinping, Tianjin Binhai Secretary General – tense research Zhongguancun Science Park, Innovation is to promote high quality, the kinetic energy is converted to the urgent need and the vital support, conditions should be created, to create an atmosphere, to mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects of innovation , let anyone who has a dream of innovation can focus on innovation, so that each creative energy can be completely burst. As the lining of the Zhongguancun and Tianjin Binhai Innovation double advantage Beijing Park, the most of the advantage, actively enabling collaborative innovation? This Tianjin Binhai – Zhongguancun Science Park of the birth will be charged an important issue.

Beijing, Tianjin and the joint development of both institutional innovation, but also the development of innovation, such as industrial cooperation innovation, but also the spatial distribution synergies. Marina – Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing to take over part of the function of non-core functions of moving the capital, on the one hand, there is a need for basic industries, on the other hand, we need to work together to explore and improve the mechanism for innovation, entrepreneurship ecosystem to create joint development of innovative, on the power of innovation. Promote the development of high quality, it stimulates innovation, institutional reforms, so that the innovative development allows a deeper and more lasting power. It also journalists feel a deep point in the interview process & # 39; S.

For food innovation, enterprises need to make great efforts in innovation and original innovation. "Beijing, Tianjin and common development, we do business for the benefit of the mind, whether it's operating costs or space for development, have been greatly improved, we can say that the joint development of the world, especially for the promotion of innovation in the regional ecosystem, joint development enterprises at best "empowerment." "During the interview, & # 39; w, says the businessman development" Scripture "here" is another thing, there are people, the tube and the rest fails, head rush, "but" the joint development of industrial transfer more than just to cut costs. "the company can not hold their own original technology fades, so good conditions" have to go to work more children will want to do, but there is no power, not about the & # 39; the objective conditions do not make creative to do. "

By the innovative power of governors, who will have to reform and get rid of structural and institutional obstacles to development, as well as create favorable conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship in a good atmosphere. Traditional science and technology parks, and more focused on providing support and space "five in one" basic services, investment services, and is surrounded by a high cost, large enterprises wandering, money money, to give ground. Thanks to the joint development of Dongfeng, a lot of places, or old ideas, which can count on a variety of preferential policies to attract a high-tech small and medium enterprises in Beijing, but it turned out that the result is a & # 39 is satisfactory, why not?

"Today, the most valued is no longer with the & # 39 constitute an offer, a little subsidy, but the whole environment, the development of the park management concepts and a deep understanding of the industry." Marina – deputy director of the Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee and then continued light, he says, why. How innovative elements of the policy, industry, business, talent and capital and other integration and build an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship with local characteristics, currently jointly developing industrial synergies necessary efforts to break down the problem.

Creating a supportive environment for innovative collaborative coastal -. Zhongguancun Science Park thickened system "together" At present, the industrial park to enjoy the most high-tech companies have a stimulus package in the first days of the lease, blue white-collar apartment, children's education. A number of innovative enterprises with & # 39 appeared in the industrial park, a day or more new companies included. In order to integrate the elements of enabling innovation, innovation thickened soil, have generated more benign reaction.

(The author is a newspaper reporter Tianjin Branch)

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