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Erdos, former chairman of the CPPCC Wang Fengshan charged with four crimes related test of tens of millions – Appliances – A beautiful new


Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) today (April 30), Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the former chairman of the CPPCC Wang Fengshan charges of embezzlement, bribe-taking, abuse of power, a large amount of property from unknown sources, four counts of Wulanchabu city intermediate People's court for trial. Beijing News reporter from the template Attorney Dan was informed that, due to the complexity of the case, the statement more complicated proof in case a three-day hearing starting April 28 and ending in the evening. According to the indictment, the suspect of a crime Wang Fengshan up to thousands of yuan.

Charged with four episodes of the money in the tens of millions

Wang Fengshan was born in 1955, college culture, the former Yikezhaomeng served as Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Dongsheng City Municipal Committee, Ordos City Municipal Committee, Publicity Department, deputy mayor, chairman of the CPPCC and the Ordos City Venture Building construction leading group leader, etc. duties.

Wang Fengshan case of the first post in August 2017, according to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection, who allegedly sur & # 39; oznae violation review the recipient's organization. In December, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Procuratorate arrested according to law on suspicion of accepting bribes for their decisions. A year later, in December 2018 Wang Fengshan be prosecuted. He was charged with embezzlement, taking bribes, abuse of power, a large amount of property from unknown sources on four points.

According to the indictment, the charges of embezzlement, taking bribes, Wang Fengshan defendant served as vice mayor of Ordos, outbuilding business (Ordos city, party and government building) construction leading group leader, his use of his office, falsification technology project costs to lure engineering construction venture funds totaling 65 million yuan, Wang Fengshan use his position or authority served the original Yikezhaomeng Dongsheng City municipal Committee, Ordos City municipal Committee, publicity department, deputy mayor, chairman of the CPPCC status of the formation of favorable conditions to seek benefits for others, alone or together with his wife Lee (handled separately) to seek or accept other totaling millions of RMB 883 yuan, 70,000 yuan shopping card, $ 60,000 30,000 euros, two sets of real estate (in the amount of more than 4.3 million yuan), gold bullion 3 (worth 457,500 yuan), three hours (amounting to 13 million yuan), lower than the market purchase price (the difference between 21 million yuan) to provide free home improvement (cost of $ 117 million W) and the like.

In the case of abuse of power during the criminal prosecution, the defendant Wang Fengshan allegedly served as executive vice mayor of Ordos, the meeting does not study, and the chairman of the General Director Guozigongsi Yuan She, East Road and Bridge Corporation Dean him when he was the city government Secretary-General Wang thinking, the price of 16 million yuan Gao Liang Jingtian 20 km2 exploration rights to the Orient-Road and bridge Corporation. After Dean MOU request for additional space exploration Wang Fengshan agree that without an increase in cost, Orient-Road and Bridge Corporation to increase to 15 square kilometers of exploration. In 2005 Guozigongsi East Road and Bridge Corporation and the creation of a new company, to be used for the transmission of 35 square kilometers of exploration in the new company, and Wang Fengshan consent instructions defendant. The prosecution alleges that the illegal acts of transmission and caused economic losses of 10 billion yuan.

The huge amount of property of unknown criminal charges, Wang Fengshan respondent common property of the household is equivalent to a total of millions of yuan 2626 yuan, can explain the source of wages members of the family property & # 39; and and allowances, income of the vehicle body from the sale, loan interest rates, dividends of financial shareholders, extraction accumulation of housing, as a result of bribery and other illegal income amounted to 1930 yuan, and another 696 million yuan property can not explain to ynitsa.

If the accused in bribery money 45 weddings and marriage

Beijing News reporter learned that, in the proposed theft crimes, Wang Fengshan accused of using 65 million yuan to buy nearly 40 million dollars of equipment licensed lycra, and with others, to buy 5 sets of golf clubs for personal use.

It should be noted that the crime he was accused of bribery, the specific facts of bribery as many as 45, are displayed Wang Fengshan used his position to help friends and relatives and subordinates, who put forward a job to take care of others, closer relationships, Spring New year festival with others, such as wedding and marriage to send the yuan, each statement ranging from several million to more than ten million. Among them, two sons, when they get married, the wedding "red envelope" amounted to three or four million.

On May 2018, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection in a press release SC said after an investigation, Wang Fengshan, in violation of the spirit of the central eight, using his position to his son's wedding with all the trim, the adverse impact on society; violation of organizational discipline, not fair to declare personal matters, in terms of selection and appointment of staff, to seek benefits for others, accepting other people's property, a violation of state laws and regulations, misconduct integrity, accepting gifts and subordinate managed on & # 39; objects, actions investment profit enterprises, to facilitate the relatives of the time of payment regulations, taking advantage of his office, embezzlement of public funds, the adoption of other people's property to benefit other people, abuse of power that led odits to the loss of state assets. Among them, the use of his position to facilitate the embezzlement, accepting other people's property to benefit other people suspected of a crime with a & # 39 is the abuse of power problems.

Verification Division discipline briefing Comments: Wang Fengshan As a leading cadres, ideals and beliefs loss, SUR & # 39; oznae violation of party discipline and convergence in the 18-member, does not stop. The severe nature of the disciplinary offense, the circumstances sur & # 39; serious, to the image of the party affairs and cause serious & # 39; serious damage and should be treated suras & # 39; ozna.

The public prosecutor that Wang Fengshan as the national staff, used his position to illegally occupy public property should be held criminally liable for the crime of corruption, Wang Fengshan use of his office or authority, the status of the formation of favorable conditions, to seek benefits for others, alone or together ask his wife and illegally accepting other people's property, a huge amount, should be held criminally responsible for taking bribes, Wang Fengshan during his tenure as deputy mayor and Ordos, and the head of the Committee on the asset management of state property, he decided illicit transfer of low-cost state-owned assets, the loss of state special interests of heavy losses, the circumstances are especially serious & # 39; serious, should be held criminally responsible for the crimes of abuse of power, Wang Fengshan family owned & # 39; and, more than legitimate income, a huge difference, can not explain the source, the source must be a crime a huge estate owned by the criminal liability.

The prosecutor's office that the above criminal facts are clear, the evidence reliable and sufficient, should be implemented to instill Wang Fengshan. During the investigation, the defendant Wang Fengshan, a true statement of the facts of the crime of corruption, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code, was set surrender, to give a lighter or mitigated punishment, Wang Fengshan respondent in the survey, the true price of bribery, abuse of power crimes, which can Lighter sentence.

The lawyer of the accused to challenge the amount involved

According to reports, on April 28, it was three days of hearing in the great hall of Wulanchabu Intermediate People's Court. Today (April 30) evening to a reporter Beijing News has learned from his lawyer that include complex evidence, facts and more, the court evidence in the case, cross-examination will be part-time for almost two days, the last day in the afternoon to hold court session debate evening. Wildcard lawyer Wang Fengshan Dan introduced, Wang Fengshan in court on charges of recognition on the part of the crime of bribery, charges large amounts of property from unknown sources recognized.

Wang Fengshan van Faxu lawyer, the model of which Dan has pleaded not guilty to three counts of accepting bribes to make Zuiqing protection. Among them, Wang Fengshan theft application, the agent is considered to be one of the more than 40 million people did not find Wang Fengshan purpose of illegal possession, advocated, in accordance with the materials of cases and the relevant testimony of witnesses, Wang Fengshan transferred back to the CPPCC office, through business-housing construction leading group deputy Wang Ding, head of the taking of project funds and 40.1101 million, the original intention was to buy a camera to the CPPCC good moment. And after the camera purchase, which were handed over to the white CPPCC Secretary-General, after the detention of the two CPPCC employees, Wang Fengshan I take home are used only once, so that Wang Fengshan on the & # 39 objective has no real control over the camera, nor CPPCC eliminate the use of the camera and the camera at the time of the incident are still under the care of the CPPCC.

Secondly, Wang Fengshan and other lawyers who when purchasing five sets of golf clubs, arrows are used by individuals, although their behavior is wrong, but it just comes to discipline. Therefore defender pleaded not guilty to the crime of corruption, that the available data do not fully prove the existence of illegal possession purpose of establishing the crime of corruption should not be recognized.

Controversy: whether it approved the transfer of mineral exploration abuse in focus

About Wang Fengshan was accused whether an institution has become one of the focus of the process of the crime of abuse of controversy. According Guozigongsi Yuanmou general manager entries, there are five coal Guozigongsi, but no money to complete the study. Orient-Road and Bridge Corporation Chairman Dean MoD said it may invest 15 million to 16 million yuan. Guozigongsi several leading touched opinion, so consult Wang Fengshan phone representative Wang Fengshan can be considered. March 26, 2004, East Road and Bridge Corporation Guozigongsi play money 10 million, after the signing of the contract to date and consistent play money, signed March 26, 2004. Signed an agreement not to report it to the SASAC and the municipal government. Because it does not evolve, it is not necessary to change the rights for subsoil use, does not require approval of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Office of Land and Natural Resources reported.

Dean said that evidence and then the exploration area UIA Yuan, Wang Fengshan and other man is 20 square kilometers, the cost of 16 million yuan. After some reason added 15 square kilometers, the price has not changed.

The public prosecutor that Wang Fengshan, during his tenure as vice mayor of Ordos, and are responsible for the State Committee for Asset Management, decided the illegal transfer of low-cost state-owned assets, leading to a significant loss of public capital, in particular, the circumstances are especially serious & # 39; serious should be held criminally responsible for the crimes of abuse of power,

In this regard, his lawyer that Wang Fengshan, was elected vice mayor of Ordos Time on March 28, 2004, after Wang Fengshan served as Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Ordos is not responsible for Guozigongsi. In other words, the game should lead Eastern Bridge proved to be a question of intelligence transmission Gao Liang Jingtian reached a preliminary agreement between it and the previous Guozigongsi, and the transfer of the money was actually paid.

Secondly, the defender that an increase of 15 square kilometers of exploration entirely determined by one person Wang Fengshan, with the participation of other relevant heads of the witnesses showed. The lawyer believes that Guozigongsi Orient Road and Bridge Corporation, and the two sides set up a new company and the new company has exploration rights in government decision-making, Wang Fengshan expressed request the opinion of other members of the team, and not their personal intentions. As a result, Wang Fengshan defender, he has to sign a contract on behalf of the official conduct of the municipal government is not an abuse.

Case today (April 30) evening around 8:00 in the trial has ended, and not in court for sentencing.

Beijing News reporter Liu Yang Kui white editors take Guoli Qin Lu Aiying

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