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Google Maps launched the hashtag want to build a social platform recommendations | google Maps

Washington, DC November 27, 2018 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Linda raid) Google Maps (Google Maps) quietly introduced a new feature: a review of the Topics tab easier to find the right place. For example, if you are looking for the best dating site dining, just add the appropriate tab.

Google position of each comment, you can add up to five tabs, it is speculated that it will be placed after the comments easier to read.

Google confirmed TechCrunch, the introduction of the Themes tab in the world from the week before on Android. Until now, only applies to members of the local Guide Google Maps – the members of the remuneration for the exchange of knowledge about places to visit and the photos in their review, and added the hashtag in their old and new comments.

Google says that, in addition, to help people find low-quality food labels theme can also select a local attraction for self or watch the sun set. And can give other information, such as a wheelchair, audio menu or the like.

But with Instagram and other social media is different, Google Maps Thread tag need detailed, such as #love or #food universal tag will not work.

This feature by itself does not seem like much, but it helps to meet the challenges of promoting Google Maps Facebook Platform page.

For example, Google Maps in October said "concern (Follow)" function, which allows users to keep track of the business to understand the news, sell, trade, acting and so on. This month we have introduced an improved "its business» (My Business) program, which is easier for the owners to update the page map and profile, including the exchange of news with fans, view, respond to comments.

Adding a hashtag in a review, Google Maps and other local companies can become the best open platform, or even become a social platform recommendations. Of course, the label in the end be able to play a role in how much remains to be seen.

Google says that by using the hashtag, just click the link to view a series of labels that are attached to the same places nearby. ◇

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