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Guoping Liu Guoliang back a strong team to complete the Tokyo Olympic quarrel | Liu Guoliang _ _ Sina Finance News


Guoping Liu Guoliang back a strong team to complete the Tokyo Olympic quarrel China Youth Daily, China Youth Internet Reporter · Chi Xin Source: China Youth Daily (
April 30, 2019


April 28, 2019 World Table Tennis Championships men's singles final, which was held in Budapest, Hungary, the Chinese players Malone 4-1 victory over Sweden Falk, won the championship. Xinhua News Agency reporter Tao Xiyi / photo

Beijing the evening of April 28, the Chinese table tennis team swept five gold medals at the World Championships in Budapest, as the most important international tennis competition once before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, high Guoping team performance intimidate rivals also announced China table tennis comeback after Liu Guoliang finally back on track.

The Chinese team swept all the gold medals are not out & # 39 are a rarity, has eight times to such a feat in the World Cup, but this time called the most difficult. See the results of the final of the championship, the Chinese team in the women's singles final rendezvous just a project, projects of four foreign players face competition. Remembering the last eight teams GuoPing swept all the gold medals in the World Cup experience, there has never been so much in the individual finals foreign players. This is reflected from one aspect of the activity levels of the world of table tennis in general to improve and ITTF long weighed due to various reforms in China in the team Guoping caused, but also reflects the achievements of the Chinese team to win is not easy,

Over the past two years, the Chinese table tennis can be described in the carotid external aggression.

June 2017, Liu Guoliang suddenly "class", so GuoPing team at bay. The Japanese team is in a period of two years, the rapid growth of 2017-2018 to Mima Ito, Miu Hira was a group of male and female rookie player Zhang Zhihe, represented gave the Chinese team caused a great threat. Japanese table tennis team also again and again shouted to compete for the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo statements.

However, in December 2018, with the return of Liu Guoliang, the Chinese table back on the track of tennis.

After years of fighting in the forefront of the international table tennis eh Guoliang own team and opponents have a full understanding of the management team a well-established manner.

With young players, Liu Guoliang is well under reduced pressure on the players. For example, the impact in the women's singles match at the main Mima Ito Japanese teenager Sun Yang Sha Liu Guoliang look at the opponent videos together before the game and Sun Yingsuo comfort Sun Yingsuo not believe the results, "lose lose." Sun Yingsha final 4 to 1 to win purely Mima Ito, clearing one of the major obstacles the Chinese women's team to win the women's singles championship.

Although the sun Yingsha lost in the back of his teammates in a single competition among women, he could not go on, she and the game Mima Ito has been recognized as the key moments of battle, focused on women's world championship in singles champion Chinese women's team aspirations. After collaborating with the sun Yingsuo Wang Manyu, she won the women's doubles champion, she completed a leap in the competitive car & # 39; EASURES.

To help improve the status of veteran, Liu Guoliang, but have experience.

World Cup, the most important component of the two gold medals – men's singles, China two veteran team the last laugh. Liu Guoliang Malone alone spoiled to achieve the "three consecutive years."

Over the past year, Malone due to injury missed most of the season, after the world ranking dropped to a dozen, but the veteran experience, confidence advantage. After Liu Guoliang Malone return to set up and mainly in the spiritual level, before the final Malone personally do sparring. Liu Guoliang said Malone familiar character to say Malone, "I saw an interview with & # 39; nd with Waldner yesterday, he said that in the final Malone never won the European players" This is Liu Guoliang intentionally incentive Malone.. The game, Malone really lived up to expectations In Guoliang, 4 to 1 victory over Sweden Titans Falk, let Waldner statement falls. Liu Guoliang Malone understood before such a competition, he needs spiritual comfort no longer as young players like this, but a shot in the arm.

Another veteran who, with Liu Guoliang different set of measures.

Almost a year 28-year-old Liu Shiwen almost ready to go to the edge, the poor results of the competition, and without a head coach. After returning Liu Guoliang, to organize the Olympic champion Ma Lin became head coach Liu Shiwen, so Liu Shiwen calmed down again, I usually encourage Liu Shiwen, to have confidence in yourself. Veteran has puzzled updated in this World Cup. Not surprisingly, when Liu Shiwen won the final, she wept and said thank Liu Guoliang and Ma Lin did not give up.

World Championship equipment rental, Guopin team to win the bout Tokyo Olympics, but l Guoliang was clearly evident, "the more to win more time to be cautious."

Tokyo, Japan, in the end, the hosts, but the progress of the Japanese team also shows for the past two years, they are on the right track, in the media, Liu Guoliang this resume World Cup April 28, the game has to win or lose state athletes of good and bad, victory for the Chinese team, does not mean that the next time will win.

In fact, It is with this sense of urgency, even Guoping team has always been able to plan ahead.

organize two sets of line and Asia participated in the Qatar Open Pingsai, looking for the best way to deal with the Japanese team before this World Cup, the team Guoping Liu Guoliang. Facts have proved that the Japanese team in the final analysis, was not a particular threat Guoping team in this World Cup. Chinese team lost the duration of the World Championships only a foreign war, the enemy is not the Japanese team.

Japanese team in crop failures in Budapest, directed at the gold medal of the Olympic Games in Tokyo for the Japanese team, which, of course, learn from their mistakes. However, placed in front of the Japanese team is not that China exceed the hardest super athlete's personal potential, but the Chinese table tennis team a strong team strength.

Perhaps just as often it comes as Chinese athletes, the return of Liu Guoliang made the team more at ease, even more self-confidence. While watching opponents, he has a strong commander in chief of the Chinese table tennis team has a team shower. 2020 may continue to be like that with the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Chinese table tennis team did not leave any opportunity to intervene in the Olympic gold medal opponent.

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