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Inner Mongolia will create a "leading cadres Legal Services Reception Day" system – Xinhua Inner Mongolia Channel


Reporters 30 from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government's right said at a press conference, Inner Mongolia create a "leading cadres of legal services reception day" system, to take a public entity acting platform, network platform, or other forms of legal service of detention facilities, face the person to listen to people's legal services to public criticism and opinions and suggestions.

In recent years, the regional government attaches great importance to the legal system of the public service building, economic and social development of the region is actually necessary, and people around to coordinate the integration of government resources legal services to effectively meet the demand for legal services to people varied. At the present time, to create a platform for independent sub & # 39 object sub & # 39; 12 Union City platform object, the United States of America (city) solid platform of 102, 100% coverage, a built-in hematoxylin township (street) solid platform 991, coverage of 96%. The initial formation of a regional center for the demonstration of lead, Union Center, the regional center, county (city) center to combat platforms, workstations hematoxylin township standardized basis for the four windows, complement each other's physical system platform to the masses, you can enjoy The nearest public legal services.

2018 Inner Mongolia "12348" public legal service hotline mention upgraded to provide the masses throughout the year in the region 24 hours a day, Mongolian and Chinese bilingual free legal services, legal achievements services conveniently, and the opening of "12348" Inner Mongolia Open French Open, select outstanding lawyers, notaries, court experts and other services on the ground. At the same time, research and development of the Mongolian and Chinese bilingual legal services to television terminals in the region, 1.53 million farmers and herdsmen installation, the majority of farmers and herdsmen can enjoy high-quality legal services in the city of indiscriminate television. In addition, the formation of the rule of law Wulanmuqi, the rule of law elements of theater performances, film screenings, etc. micro favorite people in rural and pastoral areas, to increase the enthusiasm of the masses study and apply laws. (Inner Mongolia Daily media reporter Mei Rong Gang)

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