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Jay Chou won Cai Xukun Fans of average age actually won the war on Weibo – Social – Microblogging


"This is the victory of my parents, uncles and aunts for their sons and daughters." After Jay Chou finally reached the top of the conversation, "middle-aged man" turned out to be among friends.Due to the fact that "data Zheykera Veybo" "DUBAI" groups are so bad, why concert tickets are still so difficult to acquire, "fans Jay Chou and the mass of people who are & # 39; eat melon, began active" Help Jay Chou make the first word. "

By the well-known enterprises, stars, celebrities industry, up to a network of red, large V and self-proclaimed simple people, "middle-aged" become a fan of Jay Chou during the night, for their call to dispatch points.

Even owners of Taobao stores specializing in the sale superpunktav, said that "as long as you are with the & # 39; a fan of Jay Chou, to buy glasses, it's cheaper than the others." "As long as you love Jay Chou, we're friends."

This is not only a battle Cai Xukun supporters and supporters of Jay Chou, but after the '70s,' 80s and '90s, after 00, "data is king" and opposition to "government – the king."

"Now it has become a team of supporters Cai Xukun and others", – Netizen said.

Need Jay Chou, who has already made a name for themselves, need the data Weibo? Of course not.

"More than we need to prove Jay Chou, is to listen to his songs, wants to save the world, but now it has been smoothed life, we must strive to live and work." Employee BAT said Netease Technology, "Although we had a good laugh over the" middle-aged man ", we also found a young bloody gang against this young force".

Who pushed the fans to "clean data"?

"We know that the data is very watery, but we need to make the data". This is the only voice, expressed by many supporters stars NetEase.

"The market has already identified the love of fans. Fans should not only be repealed brand, but also to help make the data. The platform also uses a range of cultures, to establish different lists for the fans to play as their favorite stars, earning the daily life and duration."

It is believed that the stars, fans, businesses and other enterprises as exhibitors and buyers in the chain savings flows, have created a climate situation that manipulates data traffic.

In this climate, the capital and the platform reflect the plan for the fans: "The more supporters are working hard to make the data, the better idol."

Therefore, in the era of human trafficking, advocates firmly believe that the traffic – is the most important artists of the capital, therefore, to prove the effect of idols and receive more resources, they continue to pull new data records and try to control the network paradox. .

If public opinion points to the "clean data" for all the fans, there are no problems with the capital and the platform?

A year later, after Cai Xukun debuted last year, Weibo @ invited fans Cai Xukun for cooperation and promised that if the number of relevant topics will exceed 100 million, microblogging resources will be unlocked for one day.

After Veyba and Kai Syukun collaborated with the "Star producer of micro-plan", requiring fans Cai Xukun reveal 11 million in the last movie to play next week next week.

According to incomplete statistics entertainment capitalism, on each platform has 77 stars, which should be paid at this stage. Employee cultural platform, who did not want to call themselves, said to attract supporters to the list – this is equivalent to attract traffic and increase daily activities that become ineffable rules of the industry. "If we can not end the flow of KPI, we can get a list or vote, and allow fans to help us with the data."

In the eyes of a fan of wheat related to the social media platform has created a drop for the fans and the fans must apply to all efforts to combat. "But if the country is beginning to crush the" data cleansing ", the capital and the platform were in God's position, urging supporters to fraud and pushing everything to the fans."

In an interview with & # 39; nd Netease Technology all supporters strongly rejected the data, and they also believed that the data did not reflect, but reflect the amount, stickiness and loyalty star.

Electricity generation for love: How do data?

The data in the range of powder – a "secret organization of the rice circle", and he & # 39 is the command center for all of these operations. Their duties include summary data idols on different platforms, surveys and visiting teaching aids, organizing the necessary references, general publication & # 39; the amount of data needed to perform, and the daily organization of supporters to create the data.

"Information Service" – this is a decent name for a number of data, mixed pink circles.

In the rice circle there are a thousand supporters who make these for their favorite stars. They call themselves the "bald women workers" and create their own poetry: "One is wonderful, and the flow of women workers".

Organizations such as group voting, the data group and anti-black group, collect individual supporters, have money to make money, and have a powerful force for the formation of a unified, efficient and modeling modes through the management and organization. Organizational style has become a necessity for some stars, and supporters of the standard.

According to statistics data Ai Man, 84,1% of supporters participated in the data group, and 70.8% – in the anti-black band. We can say that there is a group of "data of employees for each star of the movement."

"We are giving him the best data." This is a common goal of "Information workers".

In the previous "Village Cush number 7", which was published "Fan Jianghu: Myth stream of pure feelings and interests", I summed up the range of data that is necessary to maintain the data group: on the basis of their own microblog, vibrato, INS for transmission, as comment, fill in; on any social platform and forum as a & # 39 will be the name of a star, you need to carry out anti-black, control, Amway; the main application and registration rankings, vote, get on the list.

Fans do not have the same purpose as that of the outside world: usually the group assesses the relevant data content and the priority content will be noted and marked.

Before you perform a task, management, first learn the rules of the problem, find the most efficient and effective method, and then arranges a clean and simple lesson, the fans will follow the textbook.

Such collective action has made public opinion of supporters of Weibo unfavorable.

This is also from the & # 39 is the reason that the influence of Jae Cho and Tsey Syukuna the last day left at least 100,000.

You must know that at the end of last year, Cai Xukun supporters held a super-competitive rivals with supporters Zhu Yilong. Finally, fans of Cai Xukun managed more than 80 million points. Much more than the current 50 million items.

In a perfect list Veyba need glasses, which you can not accumulate fans. Points accumulate the 5th of each month, but the list is cleared each week. On the following days, "Cai Xukun supporters do not want to finish the week." Thus, they are looking for in the second place, to catch up and add a little bit. "

Such an organized, orderly, and the only effect is due to the fact that each star has a large and well-organized ventylyatarskaya "body."

Wisdom and organization of this foundation the fan and the centrifugal force can cause the fans to have a flaw in the network.

Just like microblog Big V said: "It is easy to protect the mountains and rivers, and there is no strong support of core values. After reaching a short-term goals loose powders will naturally be scattered. maintaining social stability core – this is a common belief, not for ideological reasons. Support is impossible. "

Really, the fans are not afraid, but afraid not controlled by good social and market mechanisms. Just going to the circle of friends, Gaofey Wang, CEO of Sina Weibo, could not say. In his speech: "If Veybo originally was popular microblogging list, it was a small three-day tyrant You & # 39; a supporter of the brain every day, but in fact, whether these are really three small well today?"

"Do not forget operators Weibo super-speaker design data hits and brokerage firms behind the scenes This is a generation of fans Jay Chou, who even raised a generation or two Forming deformed fan of the economy there is no first generation of the innocent…", – said one network.

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