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Jolene 12 after nearly four years Moonrise new series "Ugly Beauty» | Jolin Tang Dynasty Television

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2018/11/27 7:43 am

Jolin Tsai (Jolin) in Taipei to attend the press conference information Conference photos. (Chen Bo State / Epoch Times)


She had attended the mitigated event revealed that the new album was invited to Mayday lead singer Ashin songs, also suggested the writer Li Weijing wrote the words for her, but Li Weijing 13 this month, has died from cancer, unfortunately, too late to Li Weijing hear the song ended , the way a good blessing Lee go.

«Apple Daily" reported that Jolin in 2014 with the album "Down" won the Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin album, preparations for the new album four years will undermine the image of the past, current affairs bold added element containing paparazzi culture, Miaoli, Tai Po events and other social issues, to draw public attention to social problems.

According to the "ZN" reported that, Jolin this song above method the cold line "(new song), there is another voice, that of course would be, but I'm still very excited." A few days ago, she broke at least 5 million yuan (NT) shooting MV, less than three hours of sleep a day is very difficult.

Output Jolene phoenix nest, the new album from Sony presented discreet Sony Music Release:. "Currently, in contact, with the greatest sincerity in striving for cooperation" At the same time, Jolin question until the end of the new album, will also participate in the new activities of the North City Christmas performance, full speed.

hair piece coincides with the end of the course, Sandy, Tanya and Ai Yiliang selected album release December 21, Universal Music wants to create a "last three suitable" momentum. Jolene is faced with much larger competitors, after the four major music competition song, let the music and the fans are very happy.

── switched from "The Epoch Times" (Reporter Zheng Yifen Taipei)

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