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Manufacture of the boss praise charm choreography "Everything is fine» | Eiseman Center in Richardson, Texas | artists | faith

Washington January 7, 2019 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Briggs Richardson told US) January 6, 2019 the day, Shen Yun Performing Arts in North America Eiseman Center in Richardson, Texas City began igru- local performances. Business owners Art Kochyan and Kimberly Mcanelly deeply shocked after watching, I feel satisfied.

Mr. Kochyan own production company robots, direct praise after watching Shen Yun, «dance, song, we love these colors, colorful costumes, I think all of this is great!"

He said that it was difficult to decide which programs are the most interesting, as to impress his "integral whole program." "I like the location of the program."

Kimberly also show the same look pretty excited, "I love it, great show! The artist is very talented, very talented. I had to miss the dance for a long time, used to be a fitness athlete, is also engaged in sports gymnastics, for the Shen Yun performance, I was very impressed. "

Mongolian dance resonate most with her, "Because I have a horse, so it touched me. There are too many good programs, each program is very good, very good. "

She realized that the information is transmitted Shen Yun: «peace, unity and work together."

Marketing Manager: Shen Yun dance brilliant pass good information

CW Černošek in PCB manufacturing company in the field of sales and marketing manager, he and his wife Sharon watched the show on January 6 Shen Yun.

Černošek said, "Dancing is really great!" "I love the Artist of the rotary body, and the musicians of the orchestra with the & # 39 are great."

Ms. Černošek is also very high, "the show is very good! I love the show of color, music, dance, stories, and I love it. I love dancing female artist, very similar to their costumes and colors. "

"I find that hard to believe that Shen Yun can not perform in China.» Černošek felt that the show conveys information about the faith, but not as spectacular show staged in China, he felt very strange.

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