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Marvel Chinese Nuggets: radial depth of more than ten billion years cash layout _ _ Xing Finance News


Marvel Chinese Nuggets: radial depth of more than ten billion years cash layout

Weekly Times in Beijing

Marvel Universe creates a powerful suction gold strength.

As Marvel Cinematic Universe film 22, in the latest edition of «The Avengers 4: The Last Stand" (hereinafter "a complex of 4") China is creating a new box office record for a foreign film: 4 days 20 hours cumulative box office has exceeded 2.2 billion yuan, mainland China It became the fastest film to break the $ 2 billion.

Xiamen voice, cat's eye and other major ticketing platform according to preliminary estimates, the final box office movie or exceeds 3.5 billion. In the case of these data will be more than the box office, "Furious 7" 2,427 yuan, so that the "complex of 4 "aspirations imported from mainland movie titles.

11 years, 21 films and a $ 18.6 billion global box office rental, the Marvel movie in the rethinking of modern commercial blockbuster mode of production, the ability of the Marvel, to become the most Nuggets imported movies on China label. Since 2008, the first independent investment in the movie "Iron Man" from the beginning of Marvel films in China to collect at the box office more than 15.5 billion yuan, only made a box office film Marvel Studios, not counting the other scattered Pictures such as The Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures and other heroes of Marvel IP office box.

There is no doubt that the Chinese market has become an important Marvel «Hopper ticket." In a large business outside production assembly popcorn line, reach Marvel also applies to the Chinese market cartoon, online content, consumers and other derivatives, distribution of the depth of the Chinese market.

However, prosperity and high light behind Marvel will also upgrade the urgent need to address this problem. Marvel Cinematic Universe depends on the output stability of the plot and the actors team, followed by Captain America, Iron Man and many other super heroes, played by the contract expires with Marvel, after the "final battle», Marvel Studios also start some new journey.

"Complex of 4" or wreath planting ticket

April 27, chairman and CEO of Disney, Robert Iger ˙ slightly nervous to publish a letter of thanks to the social networks: "For they all saw» The Avengers 4: The Last Stand of people say, "the sentence: Thanks for the support," Disney with a & # 39;! is the parent company of Marvel Studios, "a complex of 4" of the harvest will also affect the performance of Disney in 2019.

As of April 27, "re-connected 4" global box office record 1.209 billion $, North America, released three days for 350 million US $ in the first place, while the second largest market in mainland China, released five days in total cash in of $ 330 million, accounting for 27.3%, the cash register is especially noticeable.

According lighthouse Pro According to APP, «complex with 4" point mapping and total ticket pre-sales reached 737 million yuan, breaking the Chinese market the film pre-record, while the highest history of national cinema of the fastest record of 2 billion yuan, and 6 days of continuous one day, billions of dollars in cash.

Press the "complex of 4" film franchise is almost a multiparty system "understanding". Marvel Studios production company American movie release of Walt Disney Studios, the introduction of the country to China Film Group, shares of China Film, Huaxia Film Company Release Distribution co.

"The Avengers" series of gold absorption capacity in itself is not a trivial matter, the first three have won 568 million yuan, respectively, in China, 1.464 billion yuan, 2.39 billion yuan at the box office. Film shares in 2018 annual report, the company has released five best videos revenue total revenue one thousand five hundred seventy-nine billion yuan profit of 286 million yuan, of which «The Avengers 3: unlimited war" the greatest contribution.

After the Spring Festival this year, kiosks, the domestic film market is growing a little tired. The first quarter of the film market in the doldrums, an increase of 16 billion yuan, according to the box office last year, an increase of 8%, the total number of survey trips than last year to reduce 81.23 million, up 14.5% year on year. From the outside, as the Spring Festival, weakChinese filmThe market needs a shot in the arm.

In "together with 4" released the same schedule, "rescue" operations carried out quietly, unified in some areas raised "complex of 4" minimum issue price of the theater. The market overheating, which leads to higher fares controversial episode to the release of the movie. Regulators low-key implementation of the relevant documents, adjust the service fees amounted to theater, alerting the operator of failure associated with the movie.

However, this does not diminish the enthusiasm of the audience of the ticket, the final cash total films pre-break 774 million yuan. It comes with a "complex of 4 'movements premiership & # 39; EPA on the same day also took multiple microblog trendovoma topic, causing Marvel fan, social media and a ticket Xuanfa Ping Taiwan spontaneous marketing.

Ali Pictures aspect told Die Zeit reporter, Xiamen voice, although not related to the cooperation "a set of 4" issuer is marketing, but the platform to do a lot of spontaneous activity, including online community build for the movie and fans of the Marvel, making IP an overview and open open-air cinema.

Under strong cash conversion and dynamically adjusts movie theater row piece. Recently Eye Pro data feline showed that "a set of 4" movie line increased from 82.7% on April 24 continues to increase, the figures string holiday or even 95%, but the latest figures declined slightly, fluctuate around 89%

Marvel Nuggets Chinese Market

If the 2008 "Iron Man" a great success, the Marvel gave me the opportunity to rise again in 2009, Marvel Entertainment by Walt Disney Company for $ 4.24 billion in cash and the acquisition of shares, is a new beginning.

In the context of Disney enough money, Marvel may be relatively independent of IP version of the superhero comic adaptation with attractive cash commercial films from the «Iron Man» for each step is built around the world of the film, created a comic book with a bridge leading to the film, and thus way trigger a global box office storm.

For the Chinese audience, is no stranger to Marvel film, it captures the wave of China's film market, the annual production of clothing made one or two superhero blockbuster, almost accompanied by the growth of domestic commercial films have been through ten years.

In addition to the box office, the Marvel also focus on cooperation with the Chinese market and in other forms, including comics, derivatives and so on.

2017, Netease officially reached a cooperation with Disney on a digital platform Netease comics include the introduction of a one-time "magic Spider-Man," "Captain America" ​​and including 12 original works of Marvel Comics. The following year, the two sides also develop Chinese superhero comics "Three soldiers struggle" and "Cyclone", which is a & # 39 is the exclusive authorized the establishment of the Chinese IP Marvel heroes.

In addition to the author's co-operation and co-creation of cartoons, Disney's cooperation with Netease also include the development of the surrounding areas, such as financial derivatives. By the end of 2018, Netease comic station B with the & # 39 is the second element of the purchase of video platform, the two sides are expected to continue in the game revolves around the IP, video and other content layout. However, Die Zeit reporter learned from insiders at the B station, the current station B and Netease resources or independent comics Marvel content copyright cooperation is not officially rolled out to the B station.

It does not interfere with Marvel muscles in the derivatives market, in order to expand the content of feeding the derivatives business.

Thanks to the film universe Marvel hatched many IP superheroes Disney movie under the mature industrial system, Marvel annual income from derivatives up to $ 1 billion.

Last year, the derivatives mark NetEase, "NetEase going to play," entered into a collaboration with Disney, formal planning pan-entertainment centers derivatives, polyethylene before playing NetEase has partnered with diffuse into the ICP issued a "Black Panther", "complex with 3 "series IP joint product will be discontinued.

Derivative 52TOYS domestic companies have signed a contract with Marvel and expand cooperation, related products have been listed. In addition, in collaboration with Marvel brands also include clothing, jewelry, hand-made, digital products, daily necessities, and so on.

From 2014 to 2018, the derivatives consumer goods business income quadrupled Disney, Marvel universe associated with the retail sale of consumer goods, publishing and digital field also grew significantly. Nevertheless, it seems to Disney, the Marvel brand in China still start a real flash.

"In the future Marvel consumer goods in China's market should be 3-4 times the current size." Earlier, Vice President of Disney Greater China and South Korea, consumer goods and general manager Lin said in an interview Jiawen & # 39; w, Disney try again in China, the layout of multi-localization, not only the establishment of the Marvel, related to the Shanghai Disneyland, and in addition to the headquarters in Shanghai, Disney is also in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu branches have, in addition to digital retailers including KOL cooperation , B2B online wholesale and other models.

Disney's financial results in 2018, reporting period, consumer products and interactive media revenue and profit rose, revenues reached $ 4,651 billion, net profit of $ 1.632 billion.

«Re-connection" success of the series also makes the domestic film directed by brothers Russell's favor. 2016Huayi BrothersAnnounced the creation of the United States through a wide Sun Company and Russell Brothers Oakton Circle LLC jointly established a joint venture in the United States, Huayi plans to spend about $ 250 million joint management venture operations, film development and television drama production, a number of purchases of large stocks, as well as other IP.

Recently, Die Zeit reporter learned from informed sources: Huayi Brothers make Russo Brothers formed a joint venture, but it is owned by brothers Russell's own independent investment company, and has little to do with Marvel Studios, the two sides also have projects in the operations,

Marvel Cinematic Universe iteration

Disney really played a good return. Multiparty good news makes the shares of Disney rose for four consecutive weeks, the current market value exceeded $ 200 billion. As a traditional video content came from Disney, Netflix and other streaming media are facing the impact of income for 2017 fiscal year, and net income and fell, and this is the first time in eight years since Disney this case, has been questioned "midlife crisis."

However, due to Marvel trump, 2018 fiscal year net profit of Disney 12.598 $ billion, an increase of 40% that the film business is growing rapidly, the annual income of sales increased by 27 percent in the fourth-quarter profit rose 100%, This is mainly because "Black panther," "The Avengers 3: Endless war", "Star wars: The Last of the Jedi», «Ant-Man 2" and other IP box office film.

In March this year, Disney announced the formal completion of the acquisition of assets Fox most of the twentieth century. Fox also has many copyright characters, the acquisition means that the Disney superhero or IP will be integrated once for free X-Men series outside of Disney's copyright, the Fantastic Four, and several other Marvel blockbuster IP will return to Disney weapons.

This is particularly important for the Marvel like "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr., "Captain America" ​​Chris Evans and other old contract ends with the role of Marvel, Marvel also think about the movie update iterative questions about the universe as a "complex of 4" in the hands of capital America's shield to another hero "falcon".

"Since 2008," Iron Man "played in 2019," The Avengers 4: The Last Stand, "the Marvel movie universe is 11 years ending between 22, collectively referred to as" unlimited legend "" Not so long ago, CEO of Marvel Studios, Kevin Fitch said the Marvel Cinematic universe came at the end of the third stage, the fourth stage is about to open.

Driven by the explosion blockbuster model, the Marvel movie universe a major player in the total of & # 39; internal volume of the video sites, more than 1.3 billion.

In the past year, Ali's great entertainment and Disney reached a licensing partnership content of more than 1000 Disney animated films and television products will be online video platform Youku cooperation with Ali Ali and some OTT platform for broadcast. In fact, back in 2015, Youku has reached an agreement with Disney to become a Marvel film The American drama series of exclusive marketing partner in China area.

Weekly Times was informed that this year's April 27 "range 3" line at Youku, in addition to "Marvel" has not yet been determined at the time line, Youku just introducing 21 Marvel movies, including "rebinding" three to complete the series.

Next Disney also enhance its streaming media content, it has a lot of intellectual property rights "Disney +" or streaming media platform will be another trump card.

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