Friday , June 25 2021

Meizu excellent set as follows: Parkour great God has for duty Feiyanzoubi Street posted a small on & # 39; reality – Meizu Meizu

December 4th, we reported the HR Meizu pull the hook surface of the web there was "excellent" job demand – "Creative Parkour Great God", with a monthly salary of 35k-50k, responsible duties traders Meizu line advertising business. People are scratching their heads in their duties – in any discipline, parkour, you must have three years of experience, sports talented students a priority.3 years experience in public relations with urban management, urban management has the ability to avoid a plus. In addition, the work also requires an understanding of the streets to the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen distribution poles, The following line advertising has a profound understanding.

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Meizu sixteenth

December 7, the official Meizu has finally continued, she released a video on the official micro-blog, video content reflects the sporty handsome guy turned out to parkour maneuverability on city streets, which,Meizu Double Twelve stack of his hand a little advertising, flip goes ups and downs stairs, slope, railing.

With video in dynamic strokes to move forward, and soon the old city walls, narrow pillars and get the phone Meizu will be covered with advertising stickers,I saw a small amount of & # 39; to make known & # 39 is in the close-up shots of them before he realized that it is a & # 39 is Meizu heating Double Twelve come up with creative promotional activities.

It should be noted that,"Canopy walk outside wall content accommodate small & # 39; put on a really creative, at the end of the video, parkour younger brother of the small & # 39; waking pattern is broken.

Meizu yesterday they announced the start of operations Double Twelve Meizu: On December 7 (today), has the same price Strongest IMX380 camera phones Meizu said that a series of the highest drop of 15,800 yuan, 15 yuan price of one thousand four hundred ninety-eight 15 Plus price 1798 yuan;

In particular, the release of April 15 + 64GB Meizu straight down 500, price 1498 yuan, MeiZu version April 15 + 128GB straight down 600, price 1698 yuan.

Meizu 15 Plus the Version 6 + 64GB straight down 700, price 1798 yuan, MeiZu 15 Plus version 6 + 128GB straight down 800 yuan, the price of 1,998 yuan.

In the series of drop Meizu M15, with the value of the most powerful Snapdragon board 710 Meizu X8 phone (4 + 64G) is more favorable for only 1,498 Yuan.

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