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Mi Mengche not the end, "chicken soup poison" in the end to kill myself – kind of viewing – cnBeta.COM


March 31, the media explosion, the fifth day of October in Mongolia Mi Beijing film company officially disbanded. Mi Mongolian officials have released a social media sources, after the dissolution of the staff received a special "diploma".Finally diploma that says "allowed to finish (the company collapsed.)" Hey is inscribed below the signature and authority of Mongolia microphone kindergarten.

According to media estimated evaluation Mongolia microphone at a distance of not less than 1 billion yuan, at the peak. Venture more than three years, ev Mongolian to "chicken soup poison" explosion of red, with the apocryphal "chicken soup poison" are incorrect values ​​to be written off. Mi Mongolia lessons for the following content entrepreneurs think.

Author | Ma Cheng editor | ease

After the microphone Mongolia issued a circle of friends ridicule "to open a second collapse of the company," "we are doing a graduation ceremony of the field together to say goodbye to the past always remember someone said the word: Mi Mongolia, I'm not jealous of your employee benefits and income I envy smile on their faces, and I hope that will be up to date, we are still faced with a smile. I love you. "

January 29, 2019, the "young talent is limited," the release of Mi Mongolia "Champion dead from a poor family & # 39; and", and brought a huge contradiction. Many users believe that the flaws, fraud doubtful story purely fictitious, the Department of the article "the poison of chicken soup, spiritual pyramid scheme." Under the pressure of public opinion, "Young talent is limited," and Amy Mongolia accounts stop updating. Soon after, on February 21 "limited talented young people "and" Mi Mongolia "public rooms scrapped.

A lot of the cancellation to the public, a new life, full of hope microphone Mongolia.

Wore «New Media» godmother name, she says, that in 2017, the audience room brought her 8-figure annual income. Now, Mongolia six microphone companies in corporate, business, involving new media, film and television industry. Micro-public channel has more than 14 million subscribers, microphones Mongolian advertising published cases of price tag, headings 800000, 400000 two. "The highest level of the new media industry." Mi Mongolia mentioned.

September 2018, Mi Mongolia fell divorced from her husband married for many years. Public opinion is raging, and "Yes, I'm divorced," the answer, it does not allow people to collapse the set, but allowed her to become a model for independent women, more than 300,000 public rooms are pink.

At the beginning of 2019 Mi Meng successfully lose weight 37 pounds, wearing a tight-fitting homes boarded the «Esquire», he would like to talk about love.

But with the amount of write-off of public wealth, along with the movement stopped, the commercial system would also fall apart.

The second venture failed Mi Meng also referred to as a lot of new media entrepreneurs reminder invented by excessive interest worth indulging knowingly incite the reader emotions, once more the main public opinion, or are the wrong values, assessment of the companies billions of dollars, most likely, the night of the accident.


There's no "Mi Mongolia," Mongolian territory microphone

Mi Mongolia with & # 39 is the age of the media self-portraits, the most famous of the big V. 2016, with "caused by slut" and other articles scraper, Mi Mongolia is rapidly becoming one of the most well-known among fans of the micro-channel public number. Mi Meng annual promotional tweets of more than 100, according to the magazine Cases price at a conservative estimate command income to one hundred million yuan level. According to media estimates, Mongolia microphone peak estimated at more than $ 1 billion.

"Mi Mongolia" No public advertising is not out & # 39 is the most important source of income for the microphone Mongolia. In a previous interview & # 39; w, Aya Mongolia shows the operational state. Despite the fact that there are a lot of interns and editors, but the number of major public tweets every story she wrote in order to determine the name can be updated, the team talked until late at night every day. She often slept twenty-three hours a day.

Mi Meng said in an interview with & # 39; nd interview & # 39; w «Esquire», when, due to family problems and pressure causes on the verge of collapse, trying to take some time, but the partner does not agree, a direct threat to dissolve the company, "If you do not care about the company that count and dissolution. "

But none of Mongolia microphone down for personal reasons, a large number of public operations, by the end of 2018, Mongolia microphone open data community micro-channel media:. "14 million fans, the greatest amount of reading one article to 14.7 million, the advertising industry with a & # 39 is the first"

Number of publications, connected with the public, as well as selling, and it was collected was published as "I like this" utilitarian "peace", "First of all, I love you, thank you in advance" and five other works.

After 2018, dividends new media missing, of Amy Mongolia should not be limited to this. The last two years, Aya Mongolian team go down homework. But most of thunder and rain.

November 2017 Mongolian team paid microphone audio courses on line in the Himalayas FM «Mi Meng teach you a monthly salary in the amount of fifty thousand" copies now sold more than 10 watts, which means that knowledge into the microphone Mongolia will pay market. Meanwhile, Aya Mongolia stated that if the lecture staff "after three years to pay no more than 50%", may request a full refund. But this, of course, do not insist for three years, and in the near future there is no sound.

One of the microphone number of Mongolian area "crazy sister" of the flag applet Mall "abnormal Museum grass," the official test the water and electricity supplier business, contain several categories of skin care, makeup, life, snacks, jewelry and other small programs Mall goods.

June 6, Mi kept in their circle of friends the first public electricity supplier to test the water "small achievements": five days on the line, on the & # 39; sales volume exceeded 10 million. Since then, the team is also a good microphone Mongolia NetEase carefully selected, koala to achieve cooperation.

Meanwhile, Aya Mongolia also created a group of writers to check the water micro-film, trying to enter the film industry.

But these new services, as well as influencing public Mi Meng number compared with the still insufficient. "Mi Mongolia" title, perpetual motion is stopped. Another microphone Mongolia is also very difficult to continue.


"Yad chicken soup" in the end to kill himself

For a successful transition, Mi Mongolia began to cultivate a public matrix amount, the growing influence.

Mi Mongolia as a legal Horgos explosion sugar Television Media Ltda with & # 39 is the microphone is stored in the field of culture and the entertainment industry, the main front, not only works "mi Mongolia," the head of the micro-channel public number, as well as "young talent is limited" , "crazy sister", "Li Li Li lilili« »love to know" and many other large public, while Sina Weibo, headers, Phoenix, Netease and other platforms, as appropriate account, applets, and so on.

These microphones are "disciples" to open an account in Mongolia, also has a microphone Mongolian features, opinions intense, chicken soup and sour, causing users to subscribe to and shipment.

The problem in the article "fighter of the dead came from a poor family & # 39; and" the post was published, read the number and soon reached 100,000 + "beautiful" numbers close to 40,000, but after ten hours, it is an explosive article was sealed, "This content can not It is seen from the violation. "

Many readers have found that the product carried out a lot of details and reality. For example, in the article mentioned in the final two years to become Alibaba employees P7 level, Alibaba Public Relations in an interview with & # 39; u replied without truth. There matchmaker said that the whole story is a collection of hypotheses come.

Suspected of music Yang and many more mentioned in the previous answer to the chat screenshots, music and more, Ian said, "things really do feel, however, we have a lot of details that have been changed to protect the squeegee side.

Nevertheless, the facts just the impetus behind the microphone Mongolian team to create article scraper, change the facts and pass "chicken poison" in the article, creating a negative impact on public opinion. Some Internet users found that when the search engine, enter "Mi Mongolia", a pop-up window with the & # 39 is the first research proposal "was his girlfriend Amy Mongolia poisoning."

"Mi Mongolia" Ma himself Ling Master of Arts, Shandong University, "the Nanfang Dushi Bao" the former editor in chief. But in the process of becoming microphone Mongolia, it is largely abandoned as media literacy, but is committed to production of content can readers want. In their critical know-how at this point, he noted that "readers will simply give us a second, if you do not keep it for a second, very troublesome."

In order to remain attractive to the reader, microphone Mongolian team in the "chicken poison", invented a sensational article on the road farther and farther away, she lifted a monthly salary of 50,000 interns eventually invented the poison chicken soup "kill" "Mi Mongolia". for content business, microphone Mongolian lessons think twice.

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