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Reduction of social security charges, there are three major changes in the social security management of the formal implementation of this year | contributions to social insurance funds _ _ Xing Finance News


Reducing social security fees for the management of the formal implementation of this year, there are three major changes in the social security

Washington client Beijing May 1 (Reporter Lijin Lei) from May 1, the official arrival of the New Deal social welfare should be down. Charges may be lower down the social security number? So that the impact on businesses and workers? Affect pension? What are the major changes in the social security this year? From the point of view.

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Social security costs down the curtain

After VAT from April 1 trillion of large tax cuts, social security from May to enter in significant fees for the fall, that & # 39 is another track on the big tax cut at the end of "solid food costs this year."

The concrete can reduce how much? According to the State Council issued "a comprehensive program to reduce the rates of social insurance," this drop charges, mainly related to two aspects, one drop, and second, below the base price.

Lower rates of aspects one to reduce the base rate pension insurance contributions units for urban workers, compared with 16% in the province may be reduced to 16%. Secondly, we continue to give a bad unemployment insurance and the rate of industrial injury insurance, the current policy of gradual reduction of tariffs after the expiry of one-year extension to 2020 on 30 April.

The following aspects of the toll, the calibration of the average wage in urban units in the provinces should not expect the weighted average salary of a provincial town private unit of the average employment wages and employment, urban private sector, approved by the limit on individual contribution base of social security, a reasonable lower part of the insured staff and corporate base of social contribution software.

Among them, the individual businesses and flexible employment may choose the appropriate backplane between 60-300% of the total employment in the province of the caliber of urban units of the average wage.

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So what will be the impact?

Reduced rates of social security, will significantly reduce the burden of social security contributions than enterprises. Among them, the retirement unit contribution rate up to 16%, 20% or 19% rate compared to previous levels, reduce disposable 3-4 percentage points, equivalent to 1/5 below.

Other relatively high gold content of the policy is to adjust the base of the social security contribution. Switch to full bore average wages in urban units to the approved limit on an individual base salary, private units specified in the original policy than the average wage of workers may be more reasonably reflect the actual average salary of the insured, the lower part of the wages of workers and business Backplane can be reduced accordingly, the payment burden will be reduced.

For example, let's say your monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, the local private units in the average wage of workers to 6,000 yuan before the adjustment, you have to be in accordance with the social security contribution boundaries of 60% is 3600 yuan to pay the monthly fee of 288 yuan .

After calculating the correct caliber calibration employment in urban units of the average wage of 5,000 yuan, individual baseplate decreases correspondingly lower limit to 3,000 yuan, the monthly payment is reduced to $ 240 monthly payment load decrease of 48 yuan.

Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Tour Jun said that he expected that in 2019, in accordance with the current program, you can reduce the burden of pension contributions of about 190 billion yuan, while the reduction in unemployment benefits companies, industrial injury insurance gravity premium about 1.1 trillion yuan, three insurance to reduce social security contributions total annual burden of more than 3 trillion yuan.

Comics: increase of pensions. Author: Wang Shanshan

The impact of pensions it?

Many fear that the reduced pension insurance rates, whether to issue timely and full pension will be affected?

In this regard, the Department, which issued a "confidence": no.

Department, who said that the reduction in the rate of pension insurance effective in reducing the severity of social security contributions, while at the same time, does reduce the pension fund revenues, increased pressure Fund balance of payments, but the national pension fund as a whole is greater than income support, balance rolling increases, pension payments will not lead to the risk, will not affect the pension, paid in full & # 39; the volume as a whole.

According to the most recent annual statistics, in 2018, the basic pension insurance fund income of employees 3.7 trillion yuan, 3.2 trillion yuan of spending before the end of 2018 the total balance of about 4.8 trillion yuan, a strong support capabilities. It is estimated that to reduce costs, the coming period is still to maintain the current balance of payments no.

Ensuring issued Meanwhile, the state will continue to raise the level of pensions for retirees. 2019 pensions continue to rise, the overall growth of 5% this year, is expected to benefit 118 million pensioners.

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This year there are three major changes in the social security

In addition to the reduction in welfare spending, social security this year will be at least three major changes –

Firstly, pension funds transferred to 3.5% from 3% to the central exchange rate.

Department, which expects the size of the full-year swap fund of about 600 billion yuan, the province benefits benefits will be about 160 billion yuan, adjust the intensity ratio increased significantly in 2018, will help to equalize the burden between the provinces of the pension insurance fund to ensure that basic pensions for retirees enterprises in the full & # 39; volume.

Second continuously to reform the social security fee collection.

According to the program, the basic pension insurance of employees and other types of insurance for enterprise employees to pay, in principle, still charge Zanan existing collection systems, namely, social security charges continue to cause by collecting social security tax was originally charged tax collection to continue resistant forms of payment, "a mature province, the transfer of the province." Authorities and institutions of social security and urban and rural duties on board collecting charges for social security and control is transferred to the tax authorities in accordance with the schedule.

Third, by the end of 2019 reached maternity insurance and basic medical insurance implementation of the merger.

For active employees, the biggest change to participate in employee health insurance at the same time participate in the insurance and maternity leave. Maternity insurance fund included in the basic medical insurance fund single collection in accordance with the general level. Insurance benefits for pregnancy and childbirth changes that are paid the basic medical insurance fund. Maternity insurance benefits during pregnancy and childbirth without changes. (End)

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