Monday , November 30 2020

"Reform and opening key resort" "pink circle" Young people – Qianlong · Chinese Equity Net

December 16, with the "reform and opening up key trick" the last, "Why the Chinese Communist Party" on the air, it exists in the department of propaganda theory of the CPC Central Bureau of the CPC Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, the Beijing Radio and Television co-production, Beijing TV "Archives" section system for large-scale theory of the popular TV show the perfect end to the CCTV news channel.

"Reform and opening up key resort" Although only seven short set, but seven were from the economic aspect, democracy, culture, people's livelihood and social construction, ecological and diplomacy, party building, the deep reform and opening up, to decide the fate of contemporary China the key to the movement. At the same time, the program will lead to more young people in the group of experts and scholars all sectors of society, as well as a wider audience on the Internet and in a strong resonance, multi-party discussions, fast dissemination of the results. "Reform and opening key resort" to broadcast seven days, the ratings for three consecutive days to get the time of the first column in the country in the evening, the entire video network traffic exceeded 40 million. It is clear that the creative team of the program, "80", "90" majority.

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