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Remove the burden of idol Zheng Shuang youth attitude changed – Washington


Care home television series "Kung Fu angel" in the "truth" Zheng Shuang debut role, as most ground gas is not pretending to be clean dare to do
Remove the burden of idol Zheng Shuang youth attitudes have changed

Since then, the television series "Kung Fu" Angels in the east and Beijing TV broadcast, Zheng Shuang "hot search of the Constitution", and in tune with the character of entertainment, emphasizing once again demonstrated. But interviews & # 39; nd with Beiqing Bao interview & # 39; S, Zheng Shuang feels is still in an upright position, but also a lot of maturity. "In order to really play every day, I came to live scary, because it's actually quite II», «hot search on this subject acting credit director, because the director said, a little cool to play well, even acting explosion, I do not know how to do it, then, a little guilty. "The game, Zheng Shuang youth advocacy, and the World War, and not allow themselves to" fight ", she reminisces about his youth the way, not without emotion," in fact, I have a large number of young people, are consumed within the home, Hao Zhao came. I was more passive, I was a little shy, but I'm going energy, I want to accumulate more energy in the future. "Listen Shuang sister says she idol of play in the mentality of reality drama along the way, how can there be any" fly solo ", in fact, before loading the line.

Zhao Baogang invitation went to Shanghai

Actress "for" character impression Zheng Shuang

"It is not a kung fu Angel" in the "real" corner, Zheng Shuang, of course, with the & # 39 is the most ground since its debut gas idol, no longer pretending to be clean, there is no protection around high handsome, but dare to dare, unreasonable and even friends laugh "as" a bit like a "very good" in Suda Jiang.

In order to be invited Zheng Shuang starred Zhao Baogang specifically to go to Shanghai to meet with Cheng Shuang Shuang Cheng and the role that most impressed his place "real" open mind, "she said her lips did not like, I do not hate, a very active role in a large degree, I really like her character, but also want to be very precise to such a person can bring you joy. I am not very good character, sometimes a bit introvert, there when the words do not say, over time the character of a little depressed, I have to learn really. "And the majority of Internet users Tucao» as "it is to truly appreciate the quality of the most Shuang Cheng," I really envy that kind of honest work, I'm doing everything in secret, just as people dare to close. really dare to society, with the candidates for the company, it's great, but I will fight only with their own, in fact, a special feeling of weakness, an inability to feel special, so very jealous of the true. "

Removing the idol of gravity

Taobao own money to repair costumes

Zheng Shuang has already made a lot of TV series, but «Kung Fu Angels" and, obviously, is not the same as the previous operation. Because this is the first time the director Zhao Baogang and cooperation, Zheng Shuang for the film "Kung Fu Angel" also specifically went back to study the "struggle", "as the young subject, so we will take the" fight "and" Kung Fu the angel " how to compare, but I think that the "fight" really classic drama, people looked full of fighting spirit. "

said Zhao Baogang in an interview with & # 39; S, Zheng Shuang very positive show, also put down the words, "who refused to accept who I am and to discuss" the process of Zhao Baogang and talked about cooperation, Zheng Shuang said with a smile: "I think," Kung Fu Angels "is the time he fought with the director. "Zhao Baogang not like the actors do not speak to the earth, he asked the actors have to play every game played very bright, each scene to be with energy and vitality. But Zheng Shuang time "truth" have their own views. "I said to myself, in fact, not quite the same character, I would be more introverted to extroverted really special, I sometimes feel that young people really do it? There is such a problem, the director will be as big as the children discussed with me. "Zheng Shuang Zhao Baogang to the relatively open development environment, we will discuss equality, stroked understand rethinking convinced.

Not the same authoring environment, Zheng Shuang gave a lot of inspiration. "I really have to make a lot of breaks before or a little idol on the shelf, but in this film, so I removed the burden of idol .." Zheng Shuang admits: "I gave myself stressed that you want to be with an accent. play bad this film, "in" the truth "to wear to catch, Zheng Shuang think that this girl will not be too concerned about the dress:" I feel sometimes uncomfortable to wear or be too clever, can not find the characters feel I think. to be really very ordinary students, and even a slight swelling in the liver robber "for this reason, to really play a lot of clothes or Shuang Cheng Taobao to buy," one does not it will be more than 50 to look at. "

Youth states that "consumed" in the house

But it was in the power saving

To «Kung Fu Angels» of these three words, the game was over, Zheng Shuang understanding has changed a lot. "In fact, a large part of my youth, consumed inside the home, Hao Zhao came. I'm more passive, I was a little shy, but I'm going energy, I want to accumulate more energy in the future. "And now, Zheng cool firmly convinced that the young man is fighting to keep the youth," because young people sometimes timid, afraid of failure, will face many ring true. you will deal with this negative energy stocks, the fight with his timid, fight their own. cowardly, forced himself to go forward, "Zheng Shuang, said:". sometimes people are forced to intervene to see that the youth "

Zheng Shuang said it has its own experience in this. Debut for many years, while the long-awaited car & # 39; er, but also always have doubts and criticism. Zheng Shuang difficult to do many of the same range of image lightness and generous response to various sounds. Zheng Shuang sensitive, emotional, so she could not try to look like a "mature adult." Zheng Shuang Recall, after I shot the first series, the company under the contract, select the role, you can not always have the last word in this matter . The company, to help you plan, the company to make a decision, "This time we must continue to adjust their attitude, in fact, very difficult. Not every thing out of & # 39 is their favorite, favorite thing to order the board a long time to wait. "

Some companies advertise that the placement year, Zheng Shuang frankly, not particularly happy yourself. There are some hosts do not like to raise this issue, Zheng Shuang can only giggle, others say unpleasant words, do not know how to react, "Var & # 39; ete, laughing and joking blanket mouth, made me feel very uncomfortable every time in the end of the Var & # 39; ete, I think it was very empty. "And like a star, but in my personal life all the inconveniences, every step will be put online for Zheng Shuang, he also created pressure. "Actor in a long time, walking down the street is not very dare Man." For some time, Zheng Shuang particularly fond of staying at home, doing manual, or do nothing. Sitting very good video resources, but compared with their peers, it looks quite lacking ambition. "Psychologically really got a lot of injuries, as a result of the above nature is really not like to face the media, do not like to face the public, before too weak, that the fans go and talk to me." Admitted Shuang Cheng.

It has been a thought

The audience really took

At home after the boss, Zheng Shuang state changes. What to say, how on how, regardless of the choice of a job, or to publish a novel, do not play, "people put", and even approached the media itself, and fans to communicate. Evaluation of the time the media is made up of two words "flying myself." In fact, Zheng Shuang did not consider themselves to be "volatile", but in a more responsible way.

"Before it was kind of thinking, to make some money, but now is not the same mentality, we must accept that the idea occurred to interpret this role, the audience really takes you." Shuang Cheng admits, "I'm after how the chase, which was also the age of the child. Now I'm looking for is the recognition of the public, so I hope that I am not particularly anxious to play it, the game will take the role of interpretation. "

"Or more like it, have the courage to say, it is possible to make a rebuttal, so I feel very good." I finally get growth at the moment, young people confused, Zheng Shuang can also give suggested. "Young people know what they want, just can not do it. Because it's one thing to make a lot of conditions. You must have a degree, there are tools that do not have the time to do it? In fact, sometimes we just rely on your own, do not need these so-called add-ons, maybe we can succeed, in fact. Young people often do not scare all the old saying that we should be, I think, we were scared. so-called success or popularity only as long as there is a good body, good attitude, a success on the surface. so you stay in a big city or a business back home, perhaps. I do not want you to get stuck in the mentality, I really difficult when it is better to take a step back, make yourself happy enough, you let go of some, but a lot of things that you may have rushed to make their own life a fly happier. "

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