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December 6, the National Park Service Northeast Butch Tianqiaoling Bureau released an important message: Tianqiaoling Forestry Bureau to take a wild Siberian tiger in far-infrared video cameras in two times to open the tree farm,Discovered Feng Liming, deputy director of the Northeast Tiger Balm Monitoring and Research Center and pastures Forestry Bureau, this time at the newly opened Forest Farm from December 10, 2015 took a wild Siberian tiger and the same person, and in 14 km from the hotel .

October 19, Tianqiaoling Forestry opened a new member of the Horizon Forest Farm Animal Health, forest protection officers Deng Yuzhong while on patrol in the mountains, when the newly opened forest compartments No. 3 Woodland 40 far-infrared camera to collect information, two wild Siberian tiger found the video, the display time of the video at 17:22 9th October 2018. This is the second in a new tree farm open for the first time captured images of wild Siberian tiger December 10, 2015, once again captured video images of wild Siberian tiger in the same tree farm.

21 October, 28 forest compartments number 2 in the far-infrared camera 3 km, again to collect wild tiger walking video, shot time at 19:40 9th October 2018. Video, Siberian tiger eye Ruju, majestic, emerged from the anterior chamber.

After the discovery of wild Siberian tigers video, video National Park Service Northeast Tiger Balm Bureau Tianqiaoling northeast Butch monitoring center to detect and State Forestry Bureau and pastures, while strengthening the protection of wild tigers and other wild animals, needed to ensure a double bottom line, "people do not hurt the tiger, the tiger does not hurt."

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"In our nation's forest and meadow Bureau northeast Butch Monitoring and Research Center and the Forestry Bureau in Jilin Tianqiaoling local joint north-Butch long-term monitoring network show, recently shot a video of the Siberian tiger, forest Tianqiaoling male Amur tiger get in. it's just the Siberian tiger was born in 2015 to leave Russia, came to the territory of China, it has entered into more than 100 km from the Russian border Tianqiaoling forest and settled in and around the earth, becoming a man has settled for about three years. "Butch, deputy director of the North-East Center monitoring and protection efforts of research and meadow Forestry Bureau Feng Limin introduced in recent years, from the northeast, as the pilot Butch National Park for reform, improve China Butch in the north-east territory resolve some growing tendency of the population continues to expand into the Chinese domestic.

According to the National Park Service Northeast Butch Tianqiaoling Bureau, from 2015 to the present time, Tianqiaoling forestry monitors information from a wild tiger 21 times. Siberian tiger in the wild often & # 39 is Tianqiaoling forest area, as well as improve the environment of forests and increase of wildlife is of direct relevance. Since the protection of natural forest project, especially after the complete cessation of commercial logging of natural forests, forests Tianqiaoling through respite, forest resources are effectively repaired.

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Northeast Forestry Tianqiaoling including national parks Butch area of ​​184,551.18 hectares, located to the south of the branches Changbai Mountains Laoye, located in Hunchun and Wangqing reserve potential settlement of tigers, but also from Russia and Jilin Northeast tiger on the border zone of Heilongjiang extends to the interior of the Changbai key environmental corridor, in a very important role in the integration and optimization of Changbai Mountain Siberian tiger in the region living in China. Forest Farm belongs to a recently opened alpine region in the captured video Lin Banhai wild Siberian tiger at a height of 550 meters belong to the mixed forest, species diversity, is extremely suitable for large carnivores habitat.

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