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Shenzhen mortgage interest rates loose restoring new power puncture _ NetEase net phone

Limiting Yao Hao, the second housing reform, restrictions on the sale …… Shenzhen real estate market is going to go hoarse 2018. Until the end of the year on the market, the Shenzhen real estate is still very "calm."

In recent years, many mortgage interest rates news loose concern. In Shenzhen, Beijing has already heard that the bank cut its benchmark interest rates are the first set of proportions. November 26, in an interview to journalists & # 39; nd manager Loan China Merchants Bank, Bank of the first set of residential mortgage benchmark interest rates go up 12%, two suites are 20%. There is a credit manager told reporters, is now ready to deliver in order to complete the task.

In fact, mortgage interest rates have been the focus of attention of buyers. Previously, most outlets Shenzhen Commercial Bank to carry out the first set of residential basic rate of 15%, two sets of mortgage interest rates in order to perform the benchmark interest rate of 20%. However, since early October, part of the first mortgage interest rates National City Bank, began the signs down.

In this regard, the industry believes that maybe in the future mortgage interest rates down, but lowered mortgage rates does not mean that the regulation relaxation. Midland National Research Center Manager Zhang Tianming said that some banks have reduced interest rates compared with the previous month on the basis of available credit is relatively loose, be good news for home buyers, but do not bring too much substantial impact on the market will not have a big impact, but It will not affect the policy on the real estate market. E-House Research Director Yang think tank Yuejin Institute said, can be seen from the current mortgage policy, the possibility of reducing interest rates continue to rise, due to the end of the commercial banks to increase lending, but whether the interest rates continue to go down from the current cm too, is not it, after all, the current interest rate on loans from the historical data is really low.

In addition to mortgage interest rates loose, Shenzhen new home market "blowout" at the end of the year. Market data show that in October in Shenzhen, a total of 18 projects to the market, sales of new homes, which pushed the total residential apartment building and sales to 9977 units in November, is expected to 21 new homes on the market projects. Data Research Center of Shenzhen Central Plains show that the market of Shenzhen last week, a total of 11 projects approved, approved the sale of the residential cycle of songs set to reach 7615, four projects opening of the market, located in Yantian District Longgang Town Center, Clear Lake and wells, go to the primary residential rate of about 46.8%.

"Developers have their own annual report on & # 39; sales, when they come to the end of the year, they will accelerate the push plate, and even certain markdown levels in order to quickly sell out fast back section, to finish the year on the & # 39;. Sales" Fukuda sale on the new disc project manager, told reporters.

Nevertheless, the Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Land Resources recently released «Shenzhen City real estate market approach to regulation (the revised draft project)", "project" is clear that the company is real estate development should follow by applying the sales price, the price tag sale commercial housing. Need to adjust the sales price adjustments and costs exceed 15% of the recording, the recording should be changed before the price adjustment.

It is worth noting that the "project" also includes a content rental, and placed it in only after the development of the real estate business, but the real estate brokerage, evaluations, etc., shows that the main attention of the government on the rental market. "Project" Stressing the importance of real-name system for the rental, lease activities, the parties must provide real identity information, or if there is clear evidence without obtaining a legitimate source of law, violation of the use of functional changes in the body, interior does not meet the standards of the ban on rental housing.

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