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Sorry! Liu Shiwen lost the lead the new owner, but the spirit that made the whole name CCTV in mind for her thumbs up – sports feelings of June – Han Feng network

2018/11/28 12:16:26 Source: Sports feelings June

Original title: I'm sorry! Liu Shiwen lost the lead the new owner, but a mental note of the name of the CCTV made both her thumbs up

Beijing time on November 27, 2018 years in China Table Tennis Super League continues in a fierce battle in Round 8, the end of the war the focus of the evening, led by Hong Liu Shiwen An Jingyang against eighty-one Nanchang, the final 2 to 3 loss rivals. Although Hong An Jingyang lost, but the spirit of the players, especially the performance of Liu Shiwen was appreciated!

Liu Shiwen Hong Jingyang today as major players, played in the starting lineup in the first game, Battle dark horse in the tournament round to beat Van Maiy with «Nvping plump» Sun Ming Yang. Liu Shiwen war five innings in the 0-2 case, Lianban 3 innings the final big score 3-2 victory over the (7-11,7-11,12-10,11-7,13-11) rivals and the first club to win glasses.

In the second set, Feng Yalan played three straight big score 3-0 victory over Muzi help Hong Jingyang winning one point 2-0. Unfortunately, in the third set doubles match Feng Yalan / Qian Chen Tianyi 1-2 / Liu Xi lost.

When the game came out the most excellent fourth set, Liu Wen played against Muzi, I lost the first two games 0-2, and set shake back again won two games, but, unfortunately, can not be copied to the first disk miracles, defeated in the final tie- break, 2-3 (7-11,10-12,11-7,14-12,5-11) Husbands lost, missed the victory, which was hung Jingyang key moment! With the fifth set 0-2 loss in Game Hezhuo Jia Chen, Hong Jingyang also a great loss by 2-3 in team battles.

Liu Shiwen played in the game two, one win and one loss results missed winning club worthy causes, but its excellent performance made users rated fans! In two games, eh Shiwen 0-2 disadvantage, the Jedi set jolting turn, do a fan exciting performance! Thus, the performance tonight Liu Shiwen, really, really good, although not to lead Hong An Jingyang victory, but glorious defeat much appreciated!

reporter CCTV Li Wujun today in the social platform is also highly praised the excellent performance of Liu Shiwen, wrote:

"Today, the performance point of Liu Wen Chan and Sun Ming Yang, from behind from 0 to 2, 2 to 2 level, from deciding game 2 to 6, 13 to 11 wins;! And Husbands and from 0-2 to a ratio of 2 Level 2, wherein the fourth inning, but 5 to 10, 16 to 14. The chase decisive game, although 5 to 7 lost, but Liu Shiwen in the game and never give be example for young players! "

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