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CD Projekt Red Country Company designers scratching their heads, make it possible to deal with quite Quintus wizarding world, "her daughter is missing, bent Quint White Wolf", and now they want to get you in Quint map back to the great mystery of the wizarding world, "sometimes playing cards , players adventure as one. "

As a grid-oriented game, the DLC of the game "The Fall of the monarchy", but a sword obliquely, so that you are immersed in the charm of the new stand-alone games. A foreign enemy is about to break into the realm of endless strife, as the group of countries, Miwei Majesty will make a choice at the moment of life and death?

The same strain of the wizarding world

"Poor queen! Empire broke !! "

"Evil Empire! The soldiers of the expedition along with me! "

Only a return to the magical world, enough to attract the hearts of many players. The fall of the monarchy, the plot is borrowed from the masters series of novels, not mentioned in the game scenes and characters, legend or just a brief introduction, the scene presented to the player in the fall of the monarchy. Second Northern War, what happened? King was assassinated before his death, and how to run the country? Empire invasion appreciate that conspiracy?

Game, players will play Miwei Majesty personally, in a difficult situation and sectarianism people make the right choice. Outside the Imperial invasion, insurgents have disorder in the country, the party has made things difficult for squirrels, the kingdom and other abacus, Miwei road from the outset doomed winding and extraordinary. Geralt, Miwei queen also faces a constant dilemma, come the dark, forced conscription or any of his desires? See through a conspiracy to expose a person or other intentions? As generations of kings, you will have a profound impact on the situation.

Of course, not a lone hero, like a queen, Geralt Miwei hard to match the charm and reputation, countless heroes ready to fight for the Queen, but they are also rare powerful fighting force, recruit heroes from the & # 39 are on the road more important. "Different phase for the plan," added the team does not mean forever loyal to you when you choose depends on the future path of the heart. Gold as a strong role in the aftermath of the war will affect the fate of each character, just for the sake of strong gold cards, or to protect its own criteria?

When you come to this complex wizarding world, after this point Miwei out of the gate, the history of the wizarding world, he should write to you!

Quint exciting fight

"Poor queen! Ambush before !! "

"What? I quickly put on the deck to get up! "

In the fall of the monarchy, or & # 39 is this adventurous journey disputes with the waves, and the two armies met war and confrontation, touching scenes of the game in this battle represented as Quintus cards, two sides of the incarnation in the hands of players deck flame prairie fire board is constantly changing field of battle, maps hand your courage of soldiers from different sides, to defeat the enemy with the tactic and strategy.

In the fall of the monarchy, Quintus brand victory on the battlefield is no longer just "the size" is painted in a fight, both have a unique way to victory. In the story campaign, "the ratio of the size" or main battle your way through the deck with flowers, increase the number of points in the field, reduce the combat power of the enemy, using a variety of deployment options (similar to Hearthstone legendary battle moat) and the ability to command (the game requires skill manually triggered ), played with, to fill this gap. Players in the fall of the monarchy can experience the charm of the battle map Quinte, although the fight against the AI, but the pleasure of fighting unabated.

The annex to the traditional way of victory Five card royal Fall also joined the fray decryption, the victory condition of the game is very dynamic and on the deck and given conditions, match wits with the enemy. Decryption war games, often require players to have a better vision of computing power, make full use of the hands of each card to win, his unexpected path and step-by-step heavy research, often decryption war on & # 39 is an extension of the player thinking, an important way to stimulate the potential of the cards, although the beginning is often superior to, the enemy's ability often allow players to slowly crushed, but an exact calculation and refined resort, few seem uninteresting cards, the ability to play an unexpected e object. The decryption of the game, the player's deck is fixed, each card game will not change hands, to avoid the chance of success and so on, which makes the player to concentrate on decoding.

If Quint Master 3 & # 39 is the brand experience into the pit, the fall of the monarchy, the war Quintus real deal preparation of players and promotions 3 relative to the wizards, with independent game Quintus had a lot of changes, while maintaining the basic elements have been further improved. The reign of not only the history of the fall of the perfect combination and Quint, Quint to promote the brand and advanced, we believe that the fall of the monarchy played, each player will have a strong interest in the five cards.

Money and bread, the same can not be less than

"The Queen! March haste, lack of food! "

"Can Panic! I'll let you out of the village to be stolen, and not to take! "

As the saying goes, "the transfer of troops and horses, forage first," the royal game, the situation is embodied expedition of gold, wood, makes the game every decision will have some impact on the three, such as curb the role of enlisted troops is increasing, the amount of gold will fall, respectively. The game of the three major players influencing the construction and development of the camp, the camp each update, not only will go to add new capacity, but also improve the overall operational, for more information, of course, all this does not leave the discovery of gold, wood, soldiers consumption.

In the barracks, the synthesis of each brand of card is closely linked with these three, like playing civilization, as one by one each of the branches that are unlocked with the advances in technology, each of the cards here in the camp, the camp is to get the upgrade of production capacity. Troops pay attention to a reasonable hand, and in the fall of the monarchy, there is a population cap card group, a mixed population of different types of cards, corresponding to a drop in the high combat capability of the card is usually counterproductive, but a clever game in the battle Yum.

March, long way to go, there is always, "food" is not enough, all right, as the Queen of the North, how can we tolerate this kind of thing happen? Gamers can control Miwei, and "food", are collected in a series of local maps sat, shoulder, makeup, get gold, wood and the army, in addition, also available gold treasure map that contains a colorful elements of mystery, like the player to to dig a grave, or tune in to help the poor letters the NPC, when, perhaps, he will receive a treasure map.

The moral of the soldiers play as the key to the fight against falsehood, fighting spirit will make the deck of every soldier card promoted on the basis of cost, the same reducing the complexity of the battle, in the past, the fighting spirit of the intuitive otrazhennoma march, but also makes the player it is important to understand where the war morality, so that during march, Miwei solutions directly on the moral significance of the armed forces, who want to win, but sometimes they need under the "bread" of the role, to make a difficult choice in the end, money and bread, one less.

The reign of the fall this year may be the best RPG games in the history of maps, whether the addition of the entire Chinese dubbing, or country, preferential price zone as witches or Quintus you must not miss, have been carried out in the multiplayer game,, CD Projekt among online experience Red buck the trend run single player online games, players have received unanimous praise. In the end, only the motives, in order to get the support and respect of the players.

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