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Tesla plant in Shanghai today to begin construction of propaganda musk Consumers: orders it _ _ Sina Finance News

Tesla Shanghai factory to start building today! Musk promotion of consumer: the next single, the next year the price

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Tesla last super plant in the second half of the dayShanghai LingangGetting Started.

• Musk, CEO of Tesla Andy Herron and Shanghai Mayor Yang Yun and the Ministry of Industry, National Development and Reform Commission and other interested parties took part in the ceremony.

Tesla regard to China Securities News (ID: xhszzb) told reporters that the Shanghai plant will produce super Model3 future electric cars and new models in China. After installation is complete, it plans to produce about 3,000 cars per week Model3 electric vehicles at the initial stage when the full & # 39; the volume of annual & # 39; output will grow to 50 million units of pure electric vehicles.

The goal: mass production in 2020

Shanghai official micro Government signals "Shanghai issued" indicates, as the biggest ever foreign investment in Shanghai in industrial projects, Tesla super factory R & D, production, sales and other functions, the annual production capacity of 25 million units of pure electric the whole car, including Model3 series model.

Andy Herron • Masks at a press conference, "China has become the world leader in the use of electric vehicles. Tesla "to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy world" mission, the Chinese market for us to achieve this vision Shifenchongyao «» for the last six years, Tesla has opened in China 60 jobs created over 1500 super-charged field and the field of a charge over 1850 appointment. a few days ago we announced officially on sale in China Model3 electric vehicle, Chinese consumers can instantly match Model3, and take delivery of the car in the coming weeks. Today, Shanghai super plant groundbreaking ceremony conducted, Tesla & # 39 is an example of the commitment to continue to increase on the & # 39; the volume of investment in the Chinese market. "

In addition, Andy Herron • Musk today also released a series of Twitter. He also showed that the mood expressed joy at the same time, the Tesla factory in China, the goal is to complete the initial construction work this summer, starting with Model3 production before the end of 2020 for mass production. Shanghai factory introductory paragraph Model3, ModelY ModelX and other high-performance models with money Model3, ModelY will remain the responsibility of the factory in the USA.

How quickly put into production?

How quickly put into production?

It is so super plant is the subject, the general director of musk in the annex to his own property outside the movement, more importantly, this plant with the & # 39 is the discovery of new energy vehicles than the limitation of foreign shares after the first wholly foreign-owned car factory, its progress in building a direct reflection of the degree of opening up the Chinese market at the moment.

Of course, after landing in China, Tesla immediately reflects the Chinese speed.

October 17 Tesla won 973 million yuan Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone and equipment 864.885 square meters of industrial land, land to build the basic information display status, the Tesla is to begin within six months to pay and pay after the completion of 30 months. But just two months later, the Shanghai municipal government has issued a series on the official public news, who settled in Lingang heavy equipment industrial plant project area Tesla was basically completed the formation of the earth is about to start construction, is expected to put into operation in the second half of 2019 section. This is about a year ahead of schedule than has been developed domestic Tesla.

Tesla Shanghai factory production Why so fast?

"The main question is the money to build factories, Tesla to worry about." Informed sources told the China Securities Journal (ID: xhszzb) reporter, Shanghai government helping Tesla to get loans from Chinese banks to finance Shanghai Lingang plant. plant concrete building onShanghai ConstructionSo has the background with the Shanghai Municipal Government building construction companies directly, as some in the construction of three factories and other enterprises with the car point of view, a very experienced only as a subcontractor.

Another source told reporters that at the beginning of the project, Tesla Shanghai plant will be only the first CKD, and then follow the other of & # 39 objects. "It was quick, but it can be more than one year from the production line to build."

Ruifeng capital (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman Peng Cheng Feng calculations reporters Tesla after China put into operation, the cost of production, at least 10% of the total reduction. "In Belarus, was put into operation in China will help Tesla as quickly achieve profitability."

In fact, in the third quarter of 2018, Tesla has just reached its first profit since 2016. The company in 2018 three quarterly reporting period, the company made a profit of $ 6.824 billion, compared with $ 2.985 billion for the same period in 2017; positive net profit of $ 255 million dollars. In 15 years of business in the history of Tesla, only three quarters to turn a profit, has annual profits.

consumers benefit

From July 6 this year, the country of origin for the American automobile additional charge tariffs by 25%, so the actual US production duties on imported cars increased to 40%. Introduce tariffs on imports of US auto sales significantly.

China Customs released data show that the first three quarters of this year, the number of declarations of origin the United States 159000 vehicles, up 27.8% year on year, from July to September, the monthly declaration of origin in the amount of US passenger cars fell by 65%, respectively, 58% 66%.

Because of changes in import tariffs on vehicles, Tesla sells in China as a "roller coaster", this year held a total of five times the adjustment of prices & # 39; sales significantly affected.

According to recent data, in the Federation, Tesla sold in China in the third quarter of 3169, up 37% in October, sold only 211, down 70%, only 50 of which MODELS sales, down 82%. After the price adjustment on November 22, the party said Tesla, the base price of the companies themselves bear most of the tariffs to help customers reduce the cost of the car.

Construction Shengchannengli in China, you can do some of the car to avoid the entrance Tesla uncertainty facing China.

China & # 39; is the largest foreign market for the Tesla. The first three quarters of this year, Tesla mainland China market for 6710, accounting for 4.4 percent of the world about the & # 39; sales ranked second.

Experts believe that after Tesla achieved in the country, its supply chain advantage will be highlighted, as most of its components are provided with Chinese suppliers. This means that Tesla will have a huge price reduction.

However, Musk said in an interview today & # 39; nd: "Now you can buy the following list of our model 3. Our company has taken a number of measures to hedge the impact on prices, so now no need to buy a good deal until next year to see. These high with cars will not reduce the price, now and in the next year, so there is no need to wait, order now just fine. Consumers today under one to have the best resources in the construction of the plant to go. "

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