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The Fed decided to raise interest rates this week or Trump: Incredible | interest rates | Navarro

Washington, DC December 18, 2018 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Wu translates Report) on Monday (17 December), the United States Trump President (the Trump) criticized the Fed may raise tweet interest rates, the White Nava Trade House adviser Luo (Peter Navarro), and then said that the central bank is now a & # 39 is the biggest threat to economic growth.

Federal Reserve meeting monetary policy this week, market participants expect that interest rates will be announced on Wednesday (19). President Trump 17 am tweeting criticized the chairman of the Federal Reserve System Powell (Jerome Powell), he said that the Fed under the "strong dollar and almost no inflation," the situation, and to consider raising interest rates, it is "incredible."

Trump said: "The world around us is a bad situation, the city of Paris is burning, China was in a state of decline, the Fed is considering raising interest rates again to win.!"

Trump tweeted after the president, White House adviser Navarro trading on the "Wall Street living room» CNBC (in Squawk on the Street) shows that the Fed should raise interest rates to stop the action, not because economic growth is slowing, and therefore high rates of economic growth, but there is almost no inflation.

"The only reason I now hear that the Fed will raise interest rates, they must demonstrate their independence." Said Navarro, a few months ago, President Trump says Fed rate hike in the footsteps of "going too fast and too far."

Navarro mention legendary investor Druckenmiller (Druckenmiller) and former Fed governor Kevin Walsh (Kevin Warsh) special article recently in the «Wall Street Journal», published.

In this article, you Dryukenmiller and Walsh called Fed pause "to raise interest rates and austerity measures the flow of capital." They wrote: "We believe that the US economy can maintain high performance in the next year, but he can not afford any major mistakes. "

Fed set to hold its last monetary policy meeting this year on 18th and 19th, if you decide to raise interest rates, it will be the fourth rate increase in 2018. In September this year after the decision to raise interest rates, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates next year will be three. 19 pm Fed will announce the latest interest rate path, economists predict that it will raise interest rates next year to reduce the amount. #

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