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To break the deadlock, Lionel Messi scored twice off the bench, but Wu Lei does not work | Massey _ _ Sina Finance News


To break the deadlock, Lionel Messi scored twice off the bench, but Wu Lei not working

Yangcheng Evening News Liu

Messi celebrates scoring Xinhua News Agency issued

Barcelona player Pique (right) and Espanyol player Wu Lei Xinhua News Agency issued in the game

The first 29 La Liga this morning put the Barcelona derby, Barcelona 2-0 home win over Espanyol, Messi scored two goals, Wu Lei for the Spaniard off the bench. The standings, with 69 points to lead Barcelona, ​​de Madrid with 10 points in second place, is less competition round Real from 54 points to complete the third 34 points to Spaniard place № 14.

In Lei tactical "Give way"

Spaniards tactical thinking the game to take a tight defense, that is, supporters often say 'put bus' to minimize inferior, waiting to launch a counterattack.

After the game, coach explained Lu Lei Wu least come off the bench reason:. "We decided after the formation of five-guard, we have to bring in a human sacrifice Iglesias, Cameron and Wu Lei and more on this week the feeling in Lei is not in the best physical condition, a little inflammation of the tonsils, we decided to exclude him from the starting lineup. it's all for us in Leigh with & # 39 is an important player. "

If the race in the 64th minute, Lei bench, replaced by point Iglesias one arrow. Wulei Cheng to lead the team to take on the task, and this is his first time to participate in the Barcelona derby. Spaniards began to attack the left, Wu Lei, high-speed forward running around for Barca defender Langley, Vosges prepare Qiangdian shot, Langley, Vosges the first to make an accurate interception. Wu Lei then also put pressure on Barcelona goalkeeper Teershite root, which opened in the Wu Lei, who hit the ball. The start is not very root Teershite force the ball is not fast, the German goalkeeper back in time to catch the ball in a small restricted area saved. In opposition to the two world-class defender Pique and Langley, Vosges, above-board weapons in accordance with the wind, but it moves with a flexible production of certain threats, local derby as he gained experience.

This derby is not "gunpowder"

Barcelona obvious advantages, the Spanish tactics the right path, Barcelona Jiugong to 71 minutes, to break the deadlock. Messi direct kick left-footed free-kick over the wall, the Spanish captain Sanchez before the door line headed the rescue roof errors in his own goal. This ball is a goal Messi, "the number one» Mei, at least 10 consecutive seasons and scored 40 goals. Barcelona in the 89th minute to seal the victory, Malcolm left the bench anus, fingers low shot again Qiaokai men of God Lopez Mace away.

The scoring charts in the Primera Liga this season with 31 goals Messi ahead teammate Suarez 18 goals ranked second, excellent performance in China Cup warm-up match Uruguayan striker Pandiani Stuttgart 17 goals ranked third.

The logo further expand the international influence of the derby Barcelona, ​​compared with the traditional Barcelona derby, the two sides focus on the game itself, and not to find fault specifically fight. After the game, Messi was calm exchange with Spanish midfielder Granero. The game is not a red card, and only four yellow cards, Barcelona came out on top, four yellow cards received Spaniard Sanchez Granero, Pedrosa, Rosales.

3 years ago in the derby match Barcelona Cup of the King of Spain, the two teams eat a total of two red cards and 12 yellow cards, of which the Spanish players because of foul play has received two red cards and eight yellow cards and Massey Neymar was almost played sur & # 39; a serious injury, Suarez was the verbal attacks of the Spanish player. After the game, both players clashed in the tunnel at the Nou Camp, not only with each other abusive intimidation, as well as the Spanish player shoved Barcelona dressing room door. In 2002, a local derby Barcelona, ​​Barcelona 3-1 away defeat Espanyol, the arbiter of frozen produce six red cards and 12 yellow cards.

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