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Winter snow sports industry won the policy behind this layout listed companies | Winter Olympics _ _ Sina Finance News


Original title: heavy! The central control room, the policy has won the winter sports industry for the Winter Olympics, these companies are actively layout

In the evening on March 31 the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued an "Opinion on the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games with the & # 39 is the development of winter sports opportunities" (hereinafter referred to as "" opinions "").

"Point of view", and strive to 2022, the overall development of winter sports country more balanced penetration is significantly improved, a significant increase in the number of participants and sports impact of snow more broadly, snow and ice industry is booming, the industry has expanded significantly, optimize the structure, industry chain more and more complex.

Snow and ice economy-share company has earlier layout, the leading real estate Vanko with the & # 39 is to become the leading ski areas of the site. The company has a number of areas related to the plan of preparation for winter sports, events, operations, and other attractions.

A good policy is in full swing

It is worth noting that this "opinion" before the administration of government departments at all levels has been raised related to the deployment.

May 2018, the Government Office of Hebei Province issued a "Snow Industry in Hebei Province Province Development Plan (2018-2025 years)" (the "Plan", ""). "Development plan" allocated based on the cultivation of a new pole of economic growth in Hebei province, snow and ice build industrial province. 2022 the province reached 80 ski stadium, ice stadium has reached 200, and 120 yuan in industrial scale snow and ice, and in 2025 year, the ski centers of the province reached 100, with 250 seats skating. 10 foster international trade events and activities, snow and ice to build 10 industrial enterprises, industrial snow total size of 150 billion yuan.

September 5, 2018 the State General Administration of Sport on the & # 39; showed to "bring three hundred million people participating in winter sports" the implementation of the Outline (2018-2022) "(hereinafter referred to as" "Implementation Program" into ")" Scheme implementation. "The overall objective is proposed in 2022, to achieve" to bring three hundred million people participating in winter sports "goal.

"The implementation of the program" has also developed a task stage. 2018-2019, focusing on the support of the mass amount of snow brand items; 2019 to 2020, the mobilization of all forces, and gradually form a government-led, social coordination, public participation in the development of the model, the initial realization of the ice and snow sports in the campus, to the bodies in society, in the family & # 39; nd in 2020 is 2021, winter sports, "South exhibition West expands East" strategy in-depth implementation, winter sports base covering the provinces and municipalities, from 2021 to 2022, the weight of the ice and the development of snow sports trends basically formed the efforts to achieve "to bring three hundred million Tue people participating in winter sports' purpose.

Three levels of growing winter sports

"Opinions" to focus on the strong popularity of mass winter sports, snow sports teenagers broad, accelerate the development of the three levels of snow and ice industry bigger and stronger winter sports and related industries.

. "Opinions" that should strongly contribute to mass winter sports, snow and ice mass, and improve the organization Give full play sports federations at various levels, the role of the snow sports organizations and other public about the & # 39; associations, organizations and the masses of directories to participate in a wide range of winter sports. The expansion of social sports instructor winter sports, winter sports support social forces to run schools.

The masses of ice and snow on the building & # 39 objects. Maintain the natural environment around the combination of factors, climatic conditions, and other social needs, strengthen the construction of places of public skating exhibition hall, outdoor skating rink, ski runs, comprehensive winter sports center, as well as with the construction bezbar & # 39; ernaga on & # 39 objects. Encourage qualified city park or take advantage of other existing buildings, grounds, construction of a temporary winter ice masses of open & # 39 facilities, good synchronization security. Support social forces to build a distinctive winter sports on the & # 39; sites in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements.

Rich masses of ice and snow activities. Vigorously pursue winter sports authorities, in schools, in the army, factories, rural areas, communities, seven & # 39; advertisements and other activities to promote the country, based on local natural and human resources, the development of various forms, favorite the masses of snow and ice fitness programs, the promotion of national folklore winter sports. And actively guide social forces, organized amateur ice events, ice boutiques focused on creating events. Realization of Depths of winter sports "Southwest extension of the exhibition East" strategy of promoting the expansion of winter sports seasons, led the efforts to achieve the goal of 300 million people to participate in winter sports.

"Point of view" holds mass teenager winter sports. Snow and ice event, organized by the youth. Inspired activity cabin winter themed sports, establish a sound system of snow and ice U series of events, a national youth organization of the snow and ice events. Strengthening youth winter sports connected with the organization of construction, providing a higher level of training and guidance for young people to participate in winter sports.

Development of winter sports on campus. National primary and secondary schools will promote the formation of winter sports knowledge into school physical education content development and implementation of training programs for winter sports. Primary and secondary schools, it is recommended to buy high safety factor, the universal good training effect snow equipment, in cooperation with the snow or ice stadium club, promotion of youth popular winter sports. Colleges and universities are encouraged to set up a high-level sports teams, snow sports town to build a new model of "winter sports features school + Winter Olympic education model school + high college – level of sports teams in ice + snow sport pilot county (district)" joint movement forward. The development of training programs for winter sports reserve and active management of the school, enterprises, non-governmental organizations to take part in the construction of reserve talents of winter sports mode w matgalinovaga training.

In addition, the "Opinions" also stressed that accelerating the development of ice industry, and actively cultivate market players. The implementation of brand strategy, contribute to the creation of a number of large industrial ice industry, the development of a number of high visibility and impact, strong market competitiveness of the ice industry, construction a number of difficult ice and winter sports tourism base center.

Optimization of the production structure of ice and snow. Accelerate the development of ice fitness and entertainment industry, promote the development of snow tourism industry, promote industry and related industries snow depth of integration, it offers a wide range of products and services. Innovation and development of equipment for the production of snow, ice and equipment for the development of industry development action plan of equipment, construction of the snow plant and equipment in the industry a platform to raise the demand for the output of the industry chain docking, integration of resources. Support enterprises to develop high technology content, with independent intellectual property rights, winter sports products.

Snow and ice expand the game. Ordered proposal and organization of professional international winter sports a high level of competition. Around a strong view of the winter sports figure skating, hockey, curling, snowboarding, short track speed skating and support social forces to build a high-quality events and activities. Support for ultra high-definition video, virtual reality and other applications of new technologies in the snow and broadcast live events, and the development of related industries to grow.

Listed companies active distribution of industrial ice

Snow and ice economy-share company has earlier layout, the leading real estate Vanko with the & # 39 is to become the leading ski areas of the site.

Vanke in 2010 began to set foot in the ski resort industry – start the development of the Songhua Lake Resort. Vanko 2018 Annual Report shows that in the period from November 2018 to March 2019 snow season, Vanko Jilin and Beijing Shi Jing long Songhua two skiing, visiting the cumulative traffic of more than 600,000 people. August 2018, the consortium partners Beijing won the bid for 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Yanqing Department of PPP projects, will participate in the Division of construction and maintenance work Yanqing after the game as a member of the social capital.

Pathfinder: ski suits based game, ski goggles, ski cap and other accessories, is cut in the ski market, the domestic first-line star Xia Yu approval of ski products, sports business group to invest in the "top ski resort Zhongyue Song» , the sports industry "ice World" investment fund with advanced technology can move real ice.

ORG: demand for the company's services for the Beijing Olympic Winter Games bring snow possibility of the sports industry and FMCG client platform ice industry, the establishment of a subsidiary of ice and snow sports industry, the integration of sports resources of the company to hold a hockey training, operations, events, sports derivative product development and other services. DNCB with US companies signed a contract on the project of cooperation hockey (NHL) Boston Bruins of the North American Hockey League, the two sides will work together to promote the development of hockey and ice hockey training of young people in China.

Kingdomway: subsidiaries and the State Sports General Administration Winter Sports Management Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement for six years (2016-2022), winter control center to get all the internal competition for the exclusive right to manage events and exclusive rights for the next six years. Company contract value of 210 million yuan paid contributions in accordance with the agreement, the funds necessary project operators to improve their own Kingdomway sport.

Rein Sports: The Company and CCT GmbH Switzerland China signed a framework agreement on cooperation, which will be jointly funded the establishment of "winter sports company" for the construction and operation of the Asia winter sports activities. In addition, the FTA has authorized the company as a business partner CCT World Women's Curling World Championships (Shanghai Masters), the two sides will cooperate in order to expand the depth of commercial exploitation of the tournament as an opportunity.

Changbai: With the arrival of winter sports and the Olympic Winter Games, the ice and snow tourism resort projects will become a new growth point of stage performance for passengers travelers.

Caesar travel: in the ski tourism market and the launch of the sub-brands "to slip around the world." Caesar tourism to provide one-stop service including transport, accommodation, spa services, a professional ski instructor, runners staff for tourists through the "moving around the world."

Hualu Baina: Company and Hebei Province to cooperate in the field of snow competition of ice and brand industry will eventually snow fusion and ice events in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, snow and ice festivals, concerts, tourism and culture festival with a & # 39 is one of the " extreme snow and ice carnival. "

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