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Elaine imposition of love for his daughter only strong, it is easy, in the conditions of the media questioning, she just repeated: "Do not say," she asked, whether to send a blessing She said: "Why not bless it?"

(Hong Kong 27 ears) with Jackie Chan Elaine was born 19-year-old daughter, "maid" in Zhuolin on Saturday (24th) with its "second half" external network Red Andi in discreet return Toronto to Hong Kong, Zhuo Lin at the airport to take "the Ming Pao" exclusive access, to check that they are registered there to marry her answer was: "It's a surprise," Zhuo Lin finally published yesterday its "surprise", Andi and her same-sex wedding was held in Toronto on November 8 it. marriage certificate and wedding videos the sun the social platform is also to publish the love declaration. Elaine imposition of love for his daughter only strong, it is easy, in the conditions of the media questioning, she just repeated: "Do not say," she asked, whether to send a blessing She said: "Why not bless it?"

Just turned 19 years old (19 November birthday) with Zhuo Lin and 31-year-old Andy yesterday morning in the company of his social platform to announce that the message was to get married. Zhuo Lin kiss photo by Andi, and showed an engagement ring, two men dressed in full white photographs, by Andi wearing a simple veil, they open up a marriage certificate, display 8 this month to marry in Toronto. The marriage certificate, there Zhuo Lin name Etta Zhou Lin Wu. They said that the marriage certificate is legally binding, also known as victory over fear, love will win!

Canada took a same-sex wedding
Zhuo Lin moved to tears

Zhuo Lin at the individual IG registration to download clips of marriage, see the main hero of the day, Zhuo Lin and Andi dressed in white robes, Andi also wear the veil, they exchange wedding rings and gentle looking, during which time they moved to tears embrace. Andi message: "Back in Hong Kong, as a wife and a wife," she made her find a sense of Xie Zhuolin I did, she was not afraid, do not need to do everything possible for the sake of survival. She added that the wedding day is the happiest day of his life. Zhuo Lin at the same time respond to the love, because his return, she explained: "Because of love, so that we are back in Hong Kong is my home …… home with people who you choose to be at home, and it makes us love is not alone. certainly stronger than blood. "It is also said that love always wins.

Elaine: where everything comes naturally

Elaine to go to work yesterday morning, carrying her photo with Chinese brokers and Weibo, a message said experience:. "Thanks so much life experience, so I can be the role of film and television works in a richer interpretation of" 15:30 pit she was going home, but the face of a large number of journalists were persecuted, but the performance Elaine easily and interviews & # 39; nd reporters, and keep all smile. Zhuo Lin asked her daughter to find out if you need to get married? Elaine says with a laugh: "speaking to operate normally (What about the daughter in marriage?) A lot of recently saw her (she will bless them?) Everyone wants everything good, why not bless people?. ? (What do you think about gay marriage?) I have a lot of friends there, do not look. nothing then do not accept, I think that everything else comes naturally. "There will be a" couple "dinner to celebrate? Elaine says she was supposed to be empty. But he asked, formerly married to the daughter? There are rumors that her daughter back to Hong Kong because of financial difficulties? Daughter back to Hong Kong because of the expense of marriage or because of other things with it? Elaine will not answer some questions, she says with a laugh: "I would not like to talk about it!".

"My daughter will always be my best friend."

He asked whether the marriage fear of regret at home? She said: "Everyone says do not tell (the daughter will remain in the development of Hong Kong, or to return to Canada?), Daughter of a large, I think we have all the jobs now I want to concentrate on their work, with more time, to do what you want. It will not be bad. "He asked whether improved relations two mother-daughter? Elaine see each Hello, my daughter will always be her best friend. As Andi impression? It does not say do not say anything. Regardless of the fact that they want to return to live? Elaine said: "I think that everything happens naturally in the future, I will keep the exhibition catalog will be in mid-December, tomorrow (27) to open the game, we have to start early in the morning, but 12:00, want more. people find me work. "She hopes that you do not ask, because I talk about all the talk. I asked her if she could have talked about this matter with Jackie Chan? Elaine is shown not to speak, and then coyly said: "Everyone says that is not talked about what they say about work, I repeat, that only sell Elaine." Having said this, he went home.

Guo Xiuyun Wang Zhuo Lin to take care of himself and his family & # 39; and

Elaine said Kyaw Lin Guo Xiuyun friends get married, she said that the event has nothing to do with it, laugh at stupid people, but can not help Elaine sound. It is also a & # 39 is the mother of his own identity, he said, is likely to be wrong too vertical a child, some children take longer to catch. Kyaw Lin said that she knew that the birth of Sun felt the love, really sad arbitration Elaine, she paid all in vain for her daughter. Guo Xiuyun heart blessing Zhuo Lin grew up spiritually and become a useful member of society, which is, at least, should first take care of yourself and family & # 39; and, normal people have to pay rent and get their daily living expenses, not Lanzhu loves it. If on the & # 39; an object she could find to grow old, you will be happy for them. (Ming Pao)


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