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Business for conspiracy theories


The idea that man never stepped on the Moon, was alive for almost five decades, feeding on lies, and behind it there are those who benefit. How?

Stephen Curry, star of the Golden State Warriors NBA, joined in December 2018 to the list of people who do not believe that the man stepped on the moon July 21, 1969, he said later, as part of the joke. , Actress Whoopi Goldberg and Marion Kotylyar also stated that they have doubts about the famous landing on the moon, with a more serious & # 39; oznym tone. Incredibly, it is not isolated and eccentric beliefs of celebrities. Some polls show that, finally, 50 years after the mission "Apollo 11", 6% of Americans do not believe that the space mission was a success, despite the overwhelming evidence that support.

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There is a giant on the & # 39; the volume of the arrival of man on the moon evidence, which includes 382 kilograms of lunar rocks collected in the mission "Apollo" program, the signs left space module and astronauts' footprints when stepping on the Earth's satellite. And there is even a confirmation of history of the Soviet Union, members of the unit, with which the US government has fought in the space race. "We were there on a Soviet military base 32103. I swear to God that we got his fingers on that day. We were hoping that the guys (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) to achieve this. We want this to happen. We knew those who was on board, and they know us, "Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov recalls these days about the Apollo missions 11. But if that is not a lie, and we get closer to the moon, why still so? Popular false months fit the theory? The truth is that there are ways to take advantage of this lie, and there is one who does this because the plot, of course, sells and attractive to the public.

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Conspiracy theories about the coming of the Moon began in the mid-1970s, when Bill Kaysing – people who spread the idea that the whole of the space race was a hoax. Kaysin, who worked for a company where they were developed rocket engines Saturn V, has published a booklet entitled "We never went to the moon: Report on the thirty billion dollars", which he claimed to still his death in 2005, no concrete evidence NASA poorly managed and had a low quality control, so the successful manned flight is contrary to all statistical possibilities. His position is, firstly, gave birth to five decades of lies, in which hundreds of people have questioned the credibility of the photos and videos that NASA translyayutstsa, and refuse to believe that the space race was a real and successful. But, on the other hand, this booklet has become a book, which is now worth 44.99 US dollars, and of which CreateSpace, Amazon company collects royalties.

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The idea Kaysinga, considered the father conspiracy theory, has been transformed into books, documentaries, TV programs with interviews & # 39; th and now the video on Youtube. In 2001, Fox TV has published a 60-minute special name Conspiracy Theory: We landed on the moon?, Which saw 15 million people and had 13 minutes of commercials. During the broadcast, Fox will receive advertising at least $ 2 million. there is someone on every platform, which receives money for the publication of lies.

On YouTube, videos of collusion on the landing on the moon can give authors estimate the profit from 3500 dollars to 28,000 dollars for 7 million video views thanks to advertising revenue. But besides the money that can be collected as a result of a conspiracy theory, SUR & # 39; ozna in the digital world with the & # 39 is that the YouTube, the largest and most important videaplatforma in the world and the second largest search engine on the Internet, recommends content on the basis of lies over the video associated with the landing on the Moon, and support for scientific databases.

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The experiment, conducted by the newspaper country from Spain revealed that the algorithm used by YouTube, best practices videos radical dye, as well as pseudo scientific publications, such as those supporting the landing on the Moon, recorded in a Hollywood studio. But instead, in order to balance this video, encouraging other research quotes that deny it, the platform starts another conspiracy, among which we can find things like attacks September 11, 2001 was a plan by the US government. that the vaccine – a strategy to combat the human bodies.

"The algorithm works like a snowball: in certain conditions, it has a lot to grow seems in Spain psevdaaduka increased significantly, and in the United States – extremism, for example, in France, for example, climate disinformation antykamibah did not explode, but in Spain, things can change… and extremism can also grow exponentially, "- he explained. country Spain Chaslot Guillaume, a former engineer at YouTube, and is now the founder site from which it defends transparency in the search engine.

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While the company is working to remedy this defect, for many years they offer their users to lie, to connect them to their platform. What is dangerous is that many believe that this page is a & # 39 is "a reliable source of evidence," because some landowners (people who believe that the Earth is equal) admitted Ashley Landrum, Professor, University of Texas, who has researched this with & # 39 ad. conspiracy theories. According to Landrum said, Youtube platform & # 39 is the key, because those who believe in these ideas, do it because you saw online someone about it. When a community is formed, the psychological mechanism is activated, which is known as a reasoned thinking, where the only evidence personal theory, accepted as true.

Americans, for example, "love conspiracy theories, every time they have something big, it seems," explains Roger Launius, a former NASA historian. These stories can be fun, but they can harm them both. The study researchers from the University of Western Australia found that the impact of conspiracy theories is alarming and that belief in these ideas is associated with a reasoned refusal to science. They also have a social impact associated with right-wing extremism and political violence, which may be on the & # 39; to combine a large number of false theories, which are mutually supporting in the human mind.

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You should worry about for two reasons. As explains Mark Lorch, a chemist and a writer from the University of Hull, rational facts and arguments are not very effective for changing people's beliefs. "One of the reasons that arise periodically conspiracy theories, with & # 39 is our desire to impose on the world peace and the ability to recognize patterns … to add insult to injury, providing the group with a firm conviction to correct the information. Judgments, despite the fact that new data prohibit them new challenges create inconsistencies in our beliefs, nor do they cause emotional distress "-. he concludes. But the conspiracy theories began to be used to power and elections, and this leads us to the false news wave in which we live.

In the corners of the Internet are growing communities that create conspiracy theories about anything, motivated by political doctrines. And some can lead to devastating consequences for society.

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