Colombian scientists present Bella's academic connectivity network


Bogotá (EFE) .- The Colombian scientific community presents today in Bogota Bella project academic connectivity between Europe and Latin America through direct submarine cables between two continents.

The "European Link Building with Latin America (Bella) initiative includes specialized networks for research and education with capacities of up to one terabyte per second (tbps).

The European Commission invested 26.5 million euros (around 30 million dollars) in this program where continental research and the European (Géant) and Latin American (RedClara) education network were part.

The German national network (DFN), France (Renater), Spain (RedIris), Italy (Garr), Portugal (FCCN), Brazil (RNP), Chile (Reuna), Ecuador (Cedia) and the Colombian National Network also participated. Academic Advanced Technology (Renata).

The implementation of this program will end in 2020 and can be used by the research community for the next 25 years.

"The academic network connection between two continents through the direct cable spectrum is the most important news in terms of technological infrastructure for the scientific community of Colombia and Latin America," said Renata executive director Luz Miriam Díaz today.

According to Díaz, this initiative will "optimize and enhance" the development of large collaborative projects between Latin America and Europe.

Meanwhile, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, co-president of the beautiful consortium and executive director of RedClara, which brings together a national network of research and education in Latin America, emphasizes the importance of this project for science in the region.

"This milestone is a key achievement for the education and research community in Latin America. We are opening a direct collaboration channel with Europe that guarantees the security and quality of services for the many applications that our academics need," he added. EFE


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