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Junior vs. Patriots: a victory can not be avoided


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Jr. returns to the ring, visiting a complicated area, where the patriots before he was able to win only once in eight games (2 September, 28 September 2013).

It will be challenging for the two-time champion, who started right leg, winning 1-0 at "Talim", the previous day, at the stadium "Metropolitan" Robert Melendez, who tries to keep the risk at a high level, imposing a great gift against a team that has fallen 3: 3 0 on his debut (against DIM).

For this match in three ryblankanav be forced absence due to injury, two of them against Piyao: Theophilus Gut & # 39; ERES and James Sanchez. The second, who could not go because of muscle fatigue was Chilean Matthias Fernandes, while goalkeeper Sebasti√°n Vera will not be on the technical solution.

But just as there are victims, there is a return. Coach, "Atletico" Julio Kamesinya resumed match three sanctioned three players who missed its debut: Marlon Pedrahita, Gabriel Fuentes and Rafael Perez. Everything points to the starting line-up to collect the defender champion with Barranquilla Wheeler Dyttam.

This day is also the premiere of & # 39; EPA Venezuelan Eder Faryasa replacing Theo forward and share that attacks with his compatriot Luis "Karyyaka" Ganzalesam and antykiviyskim Freddie Hinestrazay.

"It is even very difficult game. The fact that they lost in the debut, does not mean anything, it's two completely different meeting. Now they are at home with the people on top, so we must be prepared in different ways and make a smart match, because it is difficult to play, we hope that all Tunii given, and we can get the three points you need to win, "-.. he said.

Marlon Pedrahita, another one of those returning that day, believes that now is not important. It ensures that Junior must meet with respect to his rival, especially given the fact that the recent visits to Tuniyu were not positive for the team in Razhbanka.

"Everybody wants to win, the players who are on the street, want to come and play here We have earned it with titles No one can look over your shoulder, and we need to respect the court that gives all -.. He said.

In turn, D. Julio Kamesanya tries not to worry about the victims and considers that this may be a good opportunity to see new elements, as in the case of the Venezuelan Faryyasam.

"It's always difficult, but we are used to treat the problem as an opportunity We have great respect go in the tonic, and we will try to make a match, which is within our possibilities." – said the coach of Colombia, Uruguay, who confirmed that before the "Patriot "he gives you a few minutes of a team that believes it can start a semester as a starter, with the exception of injured (Theo James).

"This Sunday (today) we will try to ensure the continuity of those whom we know we have to give them continuity in the moment, do not give anything," – he concluded.

The game, which corresponds to the second date Ligiyskay Agil II-2019 will be held at the stadium in La Independencia Tunii, which will begin at 17:45. and will manage the central Narniens Jonathan Ortiz. Broadcast channel Win Sports.

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