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Results and Table 4, the day Argentina FMS 2019 in Mar del Plata


FMS Silver Sea 2019

Today, we are playing the fourth day of the second season of FMS Argentina, the most famous of all. It was an exciting day, we are going to analyze how different the battle took place.

Results FMS Mar del Plata in 2019

Pope against Stewart

Dad beat Stsyuara directly. Dad with a victory adds 3 points and took first place in the table. Dad & # 39 is another Argentine on & # 39; ads for FMS International this year.

Nacho against Dtok

Dtoke beat Nacho directly and takes 3 points of the day. The world champion is still a & # 39 is a leader and has the right for 2019 FMS International.

The clan against the ISS

ISS Clan beat himself and scored all 3 points of the day. MKS has 7 points that allow him to become one of the qualifications of the International FMS for the first 2 days.

Cacha against Sub

Kha Sub beaten and gets three more points in the table. With this win Kasha took the second place and is sure to be in the FMS International.

Thunder vs. Replica

Thunder wins Replica directly and added 3 points. The first victory of the Thunder in the league, which has a total of 5 points. They give him a break and pull it out from under the wheels of the table.

Dtoke, Cacha, MKS and Papo classified from Argentina during the first 2 days FMS International in 2019.

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