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Trip to Uber, which costs nearly $ 10,000


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Short trips less than 20 US dollars became an invoice in the amount of $ 2,000.

Uber arrived at the transport market in the major cities around the world as a cheap alternative to taxis.

But, except for the price, platform users found in Uber significant advantage, which was later repeated their competition.

Even before the car will come to pick you up, You know, with expectationsome of them will be more or lessthe price journey.

Moreover, with this information, you still have time to cancel your order if the figure you will not convince.

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One of the advantages with Uber & # 39 is that you can see how much the journey will cost before you hire him.


However, this advantage has turned into a nightmare for several Uber users in the United States.

Technical failure of the company ended the accounts, which were in some cases 100 times more than the budget early

One of the victims said on Twitter that his wife will be charged to your credit card in the amount of nearly $ 10,000.

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A trip that should have cost 96.72 US dollars, was at the end of 9672 the dollar.

Some charges in the clients were so high that the intensified a fraud alert on your bank.

The problem with payments allegedly affected passengers of San Diego and Washington.

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Many Uber markets faced with the local taxi drivers for our business model.

Uber said that the problem is solved quickly, but he declined to say how many of its passengers were affected by errors.

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Another user said the company, which for a short trip Uber was charging my card US $ 905 19.05 instead of US dollars it had to be.

This made her husband's card reaches the spending limit it is his birthday.

The point spread on a larger number of users in two cities in the US, and almost all of those who said their problem in social networks, agree There is no direct way to contact with Uber inform you about the problem.

"Hey uber. You accused my wife in 9672 US dollars, which was provided 96.72 US dollars, and there is no way to contact you"- said Aaron Himelman in the social network.

Uber said he understands the "disappointment" was the passenger.

He also assured it rates will be fixed to passengers only pay an advertising fee, without resorting to their banks.

Mark Smith, director of operations in the newspaper The washington PostWho suffered from a technical problem, he said a lesson that extracted this bad experience that You do not need to connect a debit card on Uber account.

Unlike credit cards, debit cards, with their payment, money is withdrawn immediately he said, according to the Foreign Ministry press service reported.

Porters "concerts economy" (also known as the economy of joint economy or economy freelancers), The Company acquired market share and enriching experience new services for your customers.

Transport giant recently made its debut on Wall Street with a market assessment 82 billion US dollars.

The smaller figure than previously expected, analysts

Although the company reported losses in recent years (US $ 9 billion over the last decade), the initial offering of shares on the stock market Aroused hunger big and small investors

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