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After the introduction of restrictions on free accounts users work with Dropbox to OneDrive – Živě.cz


In mid-March of this year, Dropbox cloud operator came up with a significant reduction of free accounts. Until now, virtually unlimited number of devices can be synchronized with the cloud, the new rule leads to restriction of a maximum of three connected computers, laptops, tablets and phones. After many years of complete freedom in this direction, it was a fairly radical step.

Dropbox implicitly limited the number of connected devices – change users notice that deep found a document that mentions this on the support site. It is obvious that this measure does not apply to customers with payment Plus Program, Professional and Business.

Banality or major limitation?

For many users, for example, the use of two computers and a mobile phone, the restriction is not three devices with & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznay problem. However, many users have used Dropbox for synchronizing files on multiple machines, and while a relatively small amount of free memory there was no constraint for them, the new rule has thrown in their apparent stick.

Basically, it works like this, that as long as three devices connected to the Dropbox account, the synchronization works as before. However, if you are trying to connect to the fourth, you have a choice: either to upgrade to a paid plan, or remove one of the connected devices (and lose it to synchronize files).

Not surprisingly, many people were angry with Dropox. In addition to possibly almost absurdly low limit, they are particularly concerned about the fact that this not officially informed about this measure. Most argue that the operator is not informed of this limitation, only a few users to receive email, which informed about the changes.

to competition

WindowsReport go after other events and found that many users have in Dropbox OneDrive. She refers to the stream server on Reddit, where many discussions have expressed preference for the benefits of Microsoft cloud drive.

Of course, the question of better Dropbox or OneDrive. For example, some remember the lack of encryption, or the idea that Microsoft will have access to their data. On Friday, however it is not the case – files stored on OneDrive, already stored in encrypted form.

But if the restriction of the connected devices must have help to increase the number of paying customers, then it was the intention, at least, successful. Many discussions have noted that switched to a paid plan, because they like the synchronization function well, which is a & # 39 is the power of Dropbox.

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