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During the month it can be restored Huawei cooperation with US companies –


Black list of Huawei in the US in May caused almost panic. The company, which aims to be the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones suddenly lost chips and the Android operating system with Google services because American businesses do not make it possible to conduct business. Today, everything is different, and after two or four weeks of business relationships must restore, reports Reuters.

The May decision unexpectedly occurred in the form of a presidential decree. Then President Trump arguing with security problems, but in retrospect, looks like the main motive was the trade in business matters.

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The very next day after the announcement of President eased the ban, allowing US companies to apply for the exemption, which would provide the opportunity to trade with Huawei for 90 days. After recent talks with the President of China at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan in early July, Donald Trump announced that the ratio for Huawei will be weakened, and are now working hard to establish new conditions. They come into force before the end of the law, previously set at 90 days, which will not affect business continuity.

Huawei will be the legendary black list and mostly only extends existing principle of indefinite exemption or license to companies wishing to trade with Huawei. Thus, Donald Trump meets with impaired American technology companies, for which Huawei with & # 39; a major customer, but at the same time it remains in the reserve strong leverage for future negotiations on a trade agreement with China.

According to Reuters The, licensing continues, and the conditions under which the US will cooperate and Huawei. Huawei products may return to the US market, while the Chinese company received US chips and software, but the stores should not jeopardize the cyber risk to the United States. But there is no question of a response that specifically addresses this risk and where a limit to what can US companies to participate in the cooperation with Huawei, and that goes beyond the imaginary border. US authorities will decide.

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