Tuesday , June 22 2021

Hušek leads the Homepage service division and content in Seznam.cz

Matěj Hušek he joined in November List.cz as Division Director Homepage and content services. This will focus on the homepage, Stream.cz, Proženy.cz, Garáž.cz, Novinky.cz, Sport.cz a Super.cz. Development of new products will also fall into newly created divisions List.cz browser.

"For me the development of the Seznam.cz home page is my top priority. The aim is to open the content list service for new traffic sources and to strengthen user loyalty" Hušek.

Television list a Message List stay competent Jakub Ungera, content dramaturgy composition Stream.cz including in competence Igor Kalaše, other industry and service options lists (Email.cz or Mapy.cz) have been running since August Robert Drozda.

Hušek he came to the list from the position of digital director Czech News Center, where he worked for the past seven years. In this capacity, he is responsible for strategic development of the publishing industry's online portfolio. Before joining CNC managed multimedia multimedia studio NewsLab, which specializes in developing mobile applications and interactive graphics.


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