Tuesday , August 3 2021

Immunity after infection is slightly stronger than after vaccination

A team from the Center for Cell and Tissue Engineering at U svaté Anna Hospital in Brno, led by researcher Irena Kaunas, found that protection against covids was slightly stronger than after vaccination. Despite this, only vaccination or a negative test should be a ticket to a “normal life”. The state has not yet taken into account antibody levels and cellular immunity, although this is perhaps the most accurate indicator of human infection.

“We see that people who have suffered from this disease certainly respond better to the level of cellular immunity than vaccinated people. We are not saying that vaccinated is bad, but if you divide it by some values, they are more in the lower third of those who have suffered this disease, ”said Prava Kutna, whose team is constantly monitoring the development of cellular immunity in the vaccinated and those behind.

According to her, data from the end of March showed that, for example, in about 20 percent of cases of vaccination after the first dose there were no traces of memory. This was noticeable before the second vaccination.

At least 1.6 million people have been affected in the Czech Republic since the outbreak. In the last four months alone, more than half of them have fallen ill. However, the actual number is likely to be much higher than official Ministry of Health statistics, as not every patient will be screened.

The first dose of vaccination has already been given to more than 3.1 million people in the Czech Republic, and more than a million people have been fully vaccinated.

Antibodies should be produced in both groups but weaken over time. In some cases, it may not appear at all. “It turns out that after three months, antibodies in most cases can not be measured. But this does not mean that people do not have memory cells that can protect them,” – added Kaunas. It is these cells that must provide long-term protection to the body.

Antibodies persist for more than a year

It is officially assumed that protection after illness lasts for ninety days. For some it may be less, for some much longer. According to scientists, available data suggest that it may last more than a year.

People who have survived covid have a better response to the level of cellular immunity than vaccinated.

Irena Kaunas

“We know that after the illness she will protect us for about a year, but after a year and a half sometimes a not very strong memory trace is created, so it weakens,” Kaunas described. If we do not encounter the virus again, our protection is gradually reduced.

Measuring antibodies makes sense two to three weeks after the end of illness or vaccination.

“In some patients we see a rapid decrease in antibodies from month to month, in others the same level of antibodies persists for several months,” – described Anabel Chizhkova of the Synlab laboratory.

In humans, antibody levels can be determined for a fee in hospitals and laboratories. Such an opportunity is offered, for example, by the Regional Hospital of Pribram. “We are conducting a survey using the ELISA method at a cost of 1,500 kroons per test,” said hospital spokesman Martin Yanota.

The method involves measuring all three types of antibodies – those that relate to an infection that continues and disappear within a few weeks (IgM, IgA), and those that are longer and confirm past disease (IgG). This is the basis of the price, which in laboratories is more than a thousand crowns.

However, some allow you to measure only some antibodies, which will reduce the cost to several hundred crowns.

Self-testing is also available at pharmacies. However, according to experts, one cannot fully hope for their outcome. “Rapid tests are by nature inaccurate,” said Immunologist Woitech Ton.

As recently reported by Law, pilot data from the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (IHIS) show that after the second dose of the vaccine in the Czech Republic infected 2993 fully vaccinated people, of whom 1414 became ill even two weeks after vaccination, ie. at a time when the vaccine should be fully effective. Only 127 of them took a difficult course. According to the State Institute of Public Health, since the beginning of the pandemic, 19,335 people have been infected with covid-19, and another eight hundred are under investigation.

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