Look first. Here's how Victory Square in Prague – ČT24 – Czech Television will change


One of Prague's busiest squares will change. From the center of the square, the tram will disappear and there will be a rest zone. They decided on the jury of the architectural competition commissioned by the Prague City Planning and Development Institute (IPR). Winner design relies on a number of other changes. New trees are planted in the square, which will be the center. Under the crown, the bench appears. Conversely, some trees will now fall to the ground.

Field Transformation Victory will also affect the driver. They will rise along the so-called spiral crossing, which is not too common in the Czech Republic. But the sponsors did not expect any complications. "We have two traffic engineers on the jury, and they rate this intersection positively. They emphasize that there is better transmission. Although drivers may be confused in the first days or weeks, they will soon get used to it," said the interpreter talk about IPR, Marek Vácha.

According to the jury, architects have managed to find ways to overcome traffic and make the square accessible to pedestrians. At the same time, they appreciate that the new Victory Square resembles the original design of the First Revolution Architect Antonín Engel, including the central monument. The judges suggested leaving the art of the monument to abandon the art competition.

They also liked the wise location of the tree which separated the road from the center of the square to create undisturbed pedestrian space. They can easily reach the town square thanks to the exit or the new metro junction.

40 projects competed

The best proposal was chosen by a jury consisting of six experts in architecture and urbanism and five politicians. Among them, Mayor of Prague 6 was Ond Onej Kolář (TOP 09) and former Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO). They can choose from 40 different projects. In the end, architect Pavel Hnilička decided to work.

Pavel Hnilička worked in 2012 to 2014 for the IPR, where he led the preparation of Prague building regulations. His studio has been successful in recent years with several large-scale projects, such as urban studies on the construction of flats on Rohan Island.


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