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ODS wants to cooperate with other parties before the election. So, peranaznachtse he believes Fiyala


ODS chairman Petr Fiala initiate discussions on cooperation with parties belonging to the conservative liberal stream before the parliamentary elections in 2021. He wants to create a team to defeat the motion of "YES" and reform the struggle against bureaucracy, education or digitization. This Fiala said about the issue of the possible establishment of the electoral bloc of democratic parties, which previously discussed the mayor and the head of the independent (STAN) Vit Rakashan. The Pirates, who did not want to join the grand coalition, the opposite.

"I want to assemble a winning team to defeat Andrei Babishov (YES) in the elections in 2021 to carry out the necessary reforms:. Struggle with red tape, education, digitization, pensions for tax cuts and finally the construction of highways in short:. To overcome the current empty policy, marketing Var & # 39; yatstva, government impotence, as well as to distribute and move our country among the best in the world ", – wrote Fiyala.

According to him, cooperation options are still open. "All forms of cooperation have their pluses and minuses," – he said. "I'll deal with parties belonging to the conservative liberal stream We will look for what unites us rather than what separates us." – said the deputy chairman of the Chamber. All they have to postpone the personal enmity.

At the end of June, when the Chamber of Deputies voted in favor of the vote, which does not trust the government, the Austrians called on the chairmen of the opposition parties to create a block. He said that after the election there will still be individual parties and clubs. According to President of STAN, it would make sense if the merged at least four organizations. While the head of deputies Top 09 Miroslav Kalusek said that his party is encouraged to make a similar move to the previous parliamentary elections.

"It is clear that these large parliamentary elections will be held between the three main political forces – the ELN, the UDF and the pirates We & # 39;. Are a clear alternative to the AIE program, in the parliamentary elections, we want to be an alternative to political and power and really change the things that, thanks to more. wide platform we can significantly peranumeravats ANO ", – added Fiyala.

Pirates want to go their own way

On the contrary, the pirates do not know the reasons for entry in the electoral bloc of democratic parties. They want to go their own way. According to the vice-president Jacob Mihaloka pirate, premiership & # 39; -Minister Babishov actively raises the idea of ​​such a bloc, because it is politically excited to be the victim of a general conspiracy.

"There is no reason for the pirates to take part in a grand coalition, because we still want to go their own way, which is honest, well worth the effort, a lot of patience and work, but it works", – said Michalek.

According to him, last year the party has repeatedly stood together with other groups, while members of the other parties to the & # 39 were on the list. "Some form of cooperation already exists main thing for us -. It is the integrity, competence and performance of programs," – said Michalek. "Given the results of the elections, I would like to say that cooperation at the local level, we will not hurt at the same time we never mastered the values ​​and principles with which we entered into politics.", – he added.

However, cooperation with the ODS, TOP 09 and the KDU-CSL eliminates the vice chairman of the pirate. However, I can eliminate a broad pre-election cooperation with sub & # 39 objects that have have the opposite values, for example, ODS, TOP 09 and the KDU-CSL, which with the & # 39 are conservative parties with limited access to transparency, as well as parties with amazing persons. "I Wrote.

But Mihalok can imagine that the parties are close to each other, can come together and can agree. "In order to extend the provisions of the electoral coalition, definitely the only candidate from the & # 39 is a rational decision, and the electoral coalition is taken into account when considering the possible overflow of voters in case of loss of the party face", – he said.

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