Return of Extraliga! The 2013/14 best goalkeeper agreed with Kometa


Vlastimil Vacek, Right

"I have a heart in Zlín, I played there, I grew up, but now I am in Kometa, where new life challenges await me. When I wonder where to go, there is interest in comets. That is the best offer in the hockey yard. Comet is the best two consecutive seasons in the Czech Republic and such offers are not rejected by such strong clubs, "Kasik said in an interview for the official Brno website.

Kapsik is only active in Extralise exclusively at Zlin, which reached the title in the 2013/14 season and has been awarded the Right to the Best Extregial Recipient this season. After last year, he decided to try his foreign involvement for the first time, but the performance in Chabarovsko did not go as he did.

For Amur he won KHL in eight games 425 minutes, averaging 4.37 goals and the success rate was 86.6 percent.

That's why he decided to complete a small game load. "In Khabarovsk, they wanted to make changes to the position of the goalkeeper, they did not count me anymore, they did not care about me before the season. It just happened, it was a situation that was impossible to continue. On the other hand, I knew it was hockey and a very big life experience for me. I'm sure it will push me further, "Kasik said.

Brown in the year running in the goal area relies on the Langhamer pair, Vejmelka. "When there is an opportunity to bring in experienced goalkeepers with longer contracts, we immediately use it. We have young goalkeepers who are interested in America and abroad. Libor is an excellent goalkeeper with great experience in play-off matches," said the owner and coach Libor Zabransky.

Kašik has to train with his new teammates for the first time on Wednesday, but certainly won't hit the match with Pardubice. And because it took a long time for the transfer to close.

"I want to do my best, be the best that every player wants. What role I will take, of course, I will take," said Kasik.


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