The center of the trampoline burns in Vysocany. The part of the hall fell, another threatened to fall into the house's car repair shop


Prague Prague firefighters intervened in Vysocany on fire at the Kolbenka Freestyla trampoline center. Part of the construction of the hall collapsed. Firefighters don't have to evacuate buildings, said Prague firefighter Martin Kavka. "The South Wall of Shield is very threatening to fall into the adjacent car service building, we are withdrawing to maintain car service," he added at 21:25

With the fire trampoline center on Kolbenova Street, 11 units of professional firefighters and volunteers fight. "Firefighting work took place from outside the building. The ceiling of the hall fell," Kavka said on Twitter. Because of the higher number of units, the second alarm level was announced.

Police officers who corrected the traffic also hit the site.
Part of the construction of the hall collapsed.

Firefighters don't need to evacuate anyone from the building. According to Kavak, the center was not used for about three weeks.

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The fire department is also assisted by police officers who improve traffic and provide firefighters with access routes. There is also a rescue service with a special Atego car. "So far, we have no information that there were people who were injured on the site," said the emergency rescue service on Twitter.

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Solid smoke rises from a burning building. "There is no danger at this point, but we also encourage residents to limit ventilation of their homes on site," the police said.


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