The famous fisherman Jakub Vagner is preparing a new project, he wants the children to show the Czech nature


Renowned adventurer, traveler and fisherman Jakub Vágner is expanding his activities in the Czech Republic. After the project "The Return of Nature to School", where he taught in elementary and secondary schools every year for 50,000 students and students about the biodiversity of the Czech landscape, he decided to expand his project "Katlov – Family Resort".

From the town of Kutná Hora he had long rented the lake Katlov and then the Pohan pond. Both the location and the environment until 2017 have been fully revitalized.

Now, the Katlov project has decided to expand the construction of facilities that should function for school holidays in nature, lessons about nature in the real environment of the Czech landscape, camps for children and other events related to Czech nature. "I always dreamed that my passion and work would someday also be connected to a place to call home. This place became Katlov lake and its surroundings," Jakub Vágner said on the project.

"Biodiversity is part of our corporate life, caring for natural resources is our daily mission. I am happy to be able to help this beautiful project using our water management technology and knowledge. We share the same values ​​with Jakub Vágner, and this project will reflect our shared vision of the world that surrounds us, "Philippe Guitard, CEO of Veolia for Central and Eastern Europe, told Katlov.

As part of the revitalization of Lake Katlov, rare and important animals have returned to this region. This is proof that if a person behaves naturally in a respectable way, he can restart the normal natural cycle.

At first everything was the idea of ​​the return of nature to schools. Jakub Vágner spends more than five years traveling through the Czech Republic and teaching in schools. That is why, in 2014, he decided to extend the education project and get children from schools and gymnasiums directly to Lake Katlov. Today is one of the most important biodiversity sites in Central Bohemia.

Starting in 2015, Katowice Lake held a European Junior Championship at Fishing. During the past year, more than 10,000 people attended the event. Every year, Children's Youth Celebration Day is also part of this championship. For several years, children's fishing schools for children, natural days for families with children, nature training seminars, and children's camps since 2017 have been held at Cathol with the aim of leading children back to natural.

The experts and main partners of the "Katlov – Family" project are the Czech Republic Group Veolia, which, among other things, is also involved in handling liquid waste carefully. Veolia builds all water management in Katl – water treatment, distribution, drainage and waste treatment. Veolia has worked on various projects with Jakub Vágner for several years.


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