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Why keep it a secret, the actress asks. All that has changed –

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Nowadays it is almost moral to arrange your body or face in some way. People are worried about excessive use of Botox, when women lose facial expressions, they are worried about “duck lips”, if someone overdoes it with pierced lips. Actress and presenter Eva Decastella (42 years old) easily admits that she is also undergoing similar adjustments. However, it still looks natural and does not cause any inappropriate comments. What’s her secret?

16. 1. 2021 10.36 | Written by Clara Shimshova

Women who have not opted for natural aging usually resort to Botox or a similar treatment. Deep wrinkles create problems for many women and reduce their self-esteem. But Botox is by no means a bad choice until it is actually overdone. Actress Eva Decastella (42) has been making such arrangements for many years and does not hide what and how she enjoys.

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“I absolutely do not understand why it is a secret that I have Botox or that my mouth is swollen. And the whole ceiling needs to be moved from head to toe and claim that I am completely natural. So yes – I go to Botox for at least 15 I take it as a prevention against the formation of deep wrinkles, but I only get half the dose because I want to keep my facial expressions and not look like a zombie. “ the actress laughed.

“I also have Botox in my armpits – it stops sweating for 8 months – a complete miracle. And I also have a pinned mouth, that is, only the upper lip, as well as fillings on the nasal grooves and circles under the eyes. So I have my own, but I have a little filling to keep the circles from being so bad. That’s all – the end of the report. Yeah, and false eyelashes and nails. PS I still have breasts, it’s recognizable, especially when I lie down, they go away on their own. ” . Decastella joked at last.

There is nothing wrong with such adjustments, but as soon as you mention it somewhere, especially in online discussions, you sew the whip to yourself. People often discuss and criticize those women (especially women) who do not choose natural aging but allow themselves to be so “knife”. At the same time, it is a free choice in question that he is subject to such interference.


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