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Xiaomi was blacklisted by the United States. What threatens society?

In the last week of rule, the Trump administration managed to send another Chinese electronics giant. And this is Xiaomi, the third largest phone maker in the world. The U.S. Department of Defense describes Xiaomi as “China’s communist military society.” Xiaomi is currently blacklisted by the US, which means that Donald Trump can still impose sanctions against Xiaomi. In particular, we are talking about ban US companies from investing in Xiaomi and at the same time have to get rid of shares of Chinese company.

There are more companies on the US blacklist, but Xiaomi stands out

Recently, several companies have appeared on the US blacklist. Most focus on areas such as aviation, shipbuilding, chemical industry, construction and telecommunications. Chinese company Huawei is on the same blacklist, but the reason is in mobile networks, which Xiaomi does not do at all. We should also note that Xiaomi is not facing the same sanctions as against ZTE, Huawei or most recently DJI. This means that Xiaomi can continue to do business with US companies as well as with US technologies such as Qualcomm chipsets or Google services. At the moment, there are no restrictions, and owners of Xiaomi equipment do not have to worry about anything. Of course, things can change every day. On the other hand, there is the fact that Donald Trump has six days in office and then Joe Biden, who can completely change those rules.

Xiaomi has spoken out for The Verge’s server. This was stated by a company representative Xiaomi operates in accordance with applicable laws and jurisdictionsin which he conducts business. He added that Xiaomi is not owned, controlled or affiliated with the Chinese military and is not a Chinese communist military company. He added that Xiaomi is currently studying the potential consequences of being blacklisted in the US.

Xiaomi watches Mi Smart Clock

Xiaomi has introduced the Mi Smart Clock. They also support Chromecast

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