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Here he lived, describing the cause of the ice cream in the world of arts Madygi Yusiry. Secrets of treason Mohammed Fawzi and developed taste Kultuma minds in fashion. And marriage is one of the leaders of the Sufi road


The governor of Giza, in particular, on the street Al-Batalov, 41 in Al-Battle Ahmed Abdel Aziz in Dokki, late Yusira bridges that dakumentalizavala civilizations coordination system, lived in his home by placing a sign on the door of the property, which shows the date Born: 12/03/1921, 2018.

It's part of the continuation of the project "Living here," one of the most important projects under the guidance of the Coordination Group of the Ministry of Culture, with the aim of documenting the buildings and places where living artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, poets, major artists, historical figures, and art in Egypt through the modern history of Egypt.

Madyha Yusiry was born in 1921 in Cairo. Her real name – Khanum Habib Ali Khalil, Mohammed Karim open director and first presented in the film "The Edge of Love."

And note the great artist Youssef Wahbi on oriental features to give her a great opportunity to work simultaneously with three films – "son mourning," "a great artist", "my children."

"Madyha" was accompanied by a presentation of the collection of the most famous works of classical Arab cinema, in particular: "Melody of Eternity", "Wafa", "I believe in God," "Yasmin", "The future is unknown", "Ibn Antar" Revenge "and other actions .

Madyha Yusiry entered the art and inadvertently operated while eating ice cream with friends. After the end of the film she was approached by someone saying, "Eniko beautiful", the man who "reflects". It should be a & # 39 appears in the film "The Edge of Love" during the filming of the song "Blash Toubosny in Einya" musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab, who confirmed this in a previous interview & # 39; nd in the press.

She was married four times, the first was a singer Mohammed Amin and took a number of films, and then married the painter Ahmed Salem, but the marriage did not last long enough to marry singer Mohammed Fawzi, who made a series of successful films and became the father of her only son Amr , accident.

As for the marriage to Mohammed Fawzi, in a previous interview & # 39; nd Mihida Jussi he said that he is really cheerful man, but he was passionate and jealous of their wives. He loved so much his wife that put the red shirt on a shirt.

"I remember that during the filming of" I am a traveler "in the film was a kiss between me and Adam Hamdy, but Fawzi went to the director Ezzedin Zulfikar and said to him:" It will be a gap between me and you, if this kiss, but Ezts wisely took the kiss "In the trunk of the tree without a kiss.

After separation from Mohammed Fawzi she married Sheikh Salama al-Rad, a single marriage outside the artistic community.

Her story with him was the fact that she and her sister and husband were at his home for religious occasions and their relationship with him grew, and he once surprised her request for marriage.

Madig lived with him for more than three years, and she always called her "Hanim", trying at the time of marriage to focus on marriage and the care of his son Amr Fawzi, but this happiness did not last long, after learning one of his friends the news of the return of Sheikh lard His first wife.

She was surprised when eight years ago in an interview with & # 39; m with respect to the Egyptian satellite channel discovered that her husband cheated on her, and it is a & # 39 is the cause of its separation, noting that belief in God almighty patience for the death of her son early and nationalization of all of his own money.

"I do not like men I married, because they have been punished, and I never thought about them after the separation, especially after they found his truth and caught them in change", – he told Mihigo.

"My husband asked me to quietly leave, because they have not met with me", – she said, noting that the couple frequented festivals abroad and planned to marry her.

The death of her only son Amr, 26 years old, is considered to be the most painful event in her life after the accident, which affected his life. Later, the actress was injured, and after that started the depression.

Madiha Yousri has been selected as one of 10 most beautiful women in the world in the 1940s, and the car & # 39; EPA continued for more than seven decades.

During his artistic brilliance Mihida Yusry attracted the attention of the Ummah Kultuma, and every time she sees the sun Nile, she is dressed in non-traditional and fine dresses, confusing the fact that she chose these projects, until I asked her when sitting together .

In 2015, Yusry showed how she changed clothes Kultuma Ummah: "I was surprised by the work of Finn Fasatsini I told her that she had to sew a beautiful palace on the Nile, so I decided to immediately go to her.", – she said.

After the adoption of Madyhy in Umm Kultumu when sewing on Latin began to change, it was the last time during her concert presentation: "I continued to look at the audience, who wear clothes and short sleeves, and said:" Yes Farahani I changed a bit "- in accordance with what she said during a meeting with the program "clearly" on the cosmic life.

Madig Yusry was forced to sell the full value to ensure that after the nationalization of the costs of all of its assets in the sixties that influenced her car and villa, as well as on the company "Voice of Cairo", which was founded by the late artist Mohammed Fawzi.

Madiha Jussi, which was named "The Browns of the Nile", has produced more than 90 films, some of them with the Egyptian classics such as "Life or Death" with Adam Hamdy, "sin" with singer Abdel Halim Hafes and "Aob" . Omar Al-Sharif, as well as her latest film "terrorist" with Adel Imam in 1994. On television, she shot 12 episodes, including "Garan Garden City", "Farewell to life in the spring" and "Remaining time."

She directed several films, including "Avocados Madig" in 1950, "Forever cult" in 1953, "Smoking Heart" in 1959, and in the late 1990s – the former President Hosni Mubarak. Egyptian Shura Council.

It should be noted that the project "lived here" is implemented in collaboration with technical institutions and agencies and use to those interested in the documentation of the cultural and artistic heritage in Egypt to verify the collected information and data.

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