Tuesday , August 3 2021

"Media Cairo» hosts software vendors in an open dialogue with students

Quality Association organizes the Friends of the Faculty of Information, Cairo University seminar entitled Introduction of television and the problems the profession and hosting of graduates of the Faculty of Information, Cairo University television programs for providers offer professional experience and requirements the profession of skills and experience.

This workshop Dalia Ashraf attends Introduction 8 am on the screen SCC Media and Mohammed Abdou and our media in the media Hossam El-Din Mustafa, because of the difficulties in dealing with the profession and its challenges in an open discussion with college students, on Tuesday in the conference room at the Faculty of Information, Cairo University.

This event comes under the direction of Dr. Heba Semary acting dean and Dr. Basant Murad, president of the Association as friends by Quality Assurance Group, under the chairmanship of Dr. guarantees Laila Abdel Meguid.

Confirmed Dr. Laila Abdel Meguid, Head of Quality Assurance, Faculty of Information, Cairo University to ensure that such seminars contribute significantly to the transfer of experience between college graduates to work in the field of media and students, indicating that it is largely It contributes to the restructuring of students' awareness of the necessary skills to work in the media, and then work to strengthen these skills.

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