"My Heart O People" .. A new song for Al Khashab Sumaya on "YouTube" (VideoSource)


Sumaya Artist
Khashab A new song titled "My Heart Ya Nas" lyrics by Hisham Sadiq, composed by Soka,
On their YouTube channel, and offers
This time the Sumaya song is in the Egyptian dialect, after he made his last song in the Gulf dialect
They are "poor".

He chose form toxicity
Romance to return to his audience after missing more than two years, where the words of the song: "My heart Janas Tappan from Lei Biakhdoa Khairh and Maidolush …
Shail Keterr in hummus for his heart is not Bairmosh .. My heart is Janas Dahad Amti Heidi and Maiderdloch ..
I need people to support me in times of trouble and Maherbosch. "


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