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The appearance of bruises can reveal 7 health problems … Know them well


Saturday, November 21, 2020

I wrote _ Shaima Morsi

Sometimes a person suffers from the appearance of bruises on the skin, but what are the reasons for their appearance, that’s what we will show, according to reports on the American site “Bright Side”.

1- Weight training and weightlifting:

Too much physical activity can damage capillaries, even children can get such bruises because school bags stuffed with the books they carry have become so popular these days.

It is believed that such bruises are not very dangerous, but this is evidence that you have overdosed with strength training or weightlifting.

2- Take some medication:

Taking certain medications that affect the blood can cause bruising, and most often it is caused by antidepressants, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, iron-containing medications or asthma medications.

Aspirin is considered to be the most common drug that makes blood more fluid and can cause bruising, so if you notice these bruises, it is best to consult a doctor as you may need to stop taking certain medications to avoid internal bleeding and the appearance of bruises.

3- Hematology:

Blood and vascular disease can cause bruising, and varicose veins and thrombocytopenia or leukemia often occur due to circulatory problems, so it is best to see a doctor, especially if you notice other disturbing symptoms such as pain and swelling in the legs, bleeding gums and spots. Small body or nosebleeds.

4- Lack of nutrients:

Some obscure bruises can be a sign that the body lacks the necessary elements, such as vitamin B12 promotes blood production, vitamin K is responsible for clotting, vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of new tissues, and another very important vitamin – vitamin B , without it the production of collagen is impossible.

Thus the vessels become thin, which leads to deterioration of the skin, in addition, the balance of iron is very important for the body, and in the absence or too many capillaries deteriorate, and vitamin B can be found in green tea, apples, pumpkin and garlic, and Vitamin K – in Bananas, eggs, nuts and oily fish. Vitamin B12 is found in liver, fish, cheese and lettuce.

5- Hormonal imbalance:

Hormonal “fluctuations” are the most common cause of bruising. They can appear at low estrogen levels. Estrogen deficiency significantly weakens blood vessels, and capillary walls are very easily damaged.

6- age changes:

The vascular system weakens with age, and the tissues lose their elasticity. Note that these “age” bruises often appear on the legs.

7- Diabetes:

Diabetes adversely affects the circulatory system, so it is very easy to bruise, and other symptoms are thirst, severe wound healing, rapid fatigue, blurred vision and white spots on the skin.

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