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At least 17 people died in Ethiopia during the unrest in connection with the autonomy of Sid – a local official


ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – According to local officials and balnitskih authorities, as a result of clashes between Ethiopian security forces and activists, who are looking for a new autonomous region for their ethnic group, at least 17 people were killed.

Armed security officers patrol the street during clashes between youths "Sid" and security officers after they announced their own region Hawass, Ethiopia, July 18, 2019. REUTERS / Tiksa Negeri

On Saturday, a local official told Reuters The district, in the city near the town of Hawass, 275 kilometers from the capital Addis Ababa, killing at least 13 people, and on Friday the government hospital said that as a result of the city killed four Protestants.

Underpinned by political reforms introduced by the prime minister's & # 39; MINISTER Abiem Ahmed after taking power in 2018, Sid activists like Thursday's unilateral declaration of a new regional power.

Despite the fact that the threat of large-scale violence Hawass was largely averted after opposition party "Sid" has agreed to postpone the declaration and accept the government's proposal to hold a referendum within five months, not all residents Sid took this delay.

Ethiopia has nine regional ethnic states, which are under the control of the Federal Government in Addis Ababa, but have autonomy in relation to income and security forces.

Sid threat to declare a new region became immediate challenge for the leadership of the federal government in the Horn of Africa, which is 105 million people.

Confirming 13 dead civilians in Wotera Rassa, located about 27 km from Hawass, Shubale Booth, head of the district Malga, said on Thursday the soldiers go to calm violence in the neighboring town.

"When they saw how people were approaching the road, they thought that there is a problem, and that the murder took place," – he told Reuters by telephone.

A resident of Malga told Reuters on Friday that after the shot saw 14 bodies.

"My house is next to the field, where people gathered," – he said. "I told the people who were there, that the war came to the city (on Thursday) and accidentally sparked people who got together and discussed the referendum", – he added, saying that later went to the place where the shooting took place and found the body.

Shubale said on Saturday that the city was "relatively calm."

A year ago Sid demanded a referendum on the new regional power – a right guaranteed by the Constitution – and said he announced his region, if the ballot is not held within the prescribed period.

The federal system in the second largest country of the African people is intended to provide greater autonomy to the ethnic group, but smaller communities such as Syd, saying that they were on the sidelines, and some require their regions.

Reporting Davitaia Endeshou; Writing Omar Mohammed; Editing Kirsty Donovan

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