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Children in schools are high schools of the sun for vitamin D


Lucknow: Morning sessions and extracurricular activities in all public schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh will be held in the open air, not in the rooms and auditoriums. The idea is to increase the calcium and vitamin D students.

The decision was taken in accordance with the recent directive of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to all states and territories of the States of the Union, which is intended to carry out physical activity under the sun to combat diseases such as rickets (soft bones and skeletal deformities). a deficiency of vitamin D.

According to the state additional director (basic education) Lolita Pradep: "Now the schools will have to spend the morning prayers and other outdoor events. Most rural schools already hold classes in the open air, but those who are in urban areas and pavgaradskih must now adhere to this order. The focus will also be organizing outdoor games. "

She said that the MHRD has asked all 29 states and seven countries of the Union territory "program to promote exposure to the sun" in their schools.

This underlines the need for the elimination of diseases caused by lack of vitamin D.

As part of this program in the public schools, the state will also be conducted lectures on the awareness, in addition to active recreation in their free time.

In the growth phase, students are still heavily susceptible to defarmuyuchyh bone calcium deficiency and of vitamin D, primarily showing rickets.

This disease can have serious & # 39; serious consequences of child growth and lead to lifelong deformities and disability.

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