Hailey Baldwin seems to confirm the marriage with Justin Bieber on Instagram


Hailey Baldwin seems to have confirmed that he and Justin Bieber were married by changing their name to "Hailey Rhode Bieber" on Instagram.

After a brief romance from December 2015 to January 2016, Baldwin and Bieber began dating again in May 2018.

American models and Canadian singers announced their engagement a few months later, and are now thought to have decided to take the next step by exchanging their oaths.

In September this year, CNN reported that the couple went to the courthouse in Los Angeles to get their marriage permit.

While rumors began to spin when it came to whether the couple were married, both Baldwin and Bieber now left clues suggesting that they had actually tied the knot.

"My wife is amazing," Bieber wrote in a caption on Instagram yesterday to accompany the photo of the couple holding hands, with Baldwin's writing: "That's my darling" in the comments below.

In October, TMZ reported that Baldwin had submitted to the trademark name "Hailey Bieber", while also claiming that the couple were married at a secret ceremony in New York on the day they obtained their marriage certificate.

However, in a tweet that was now deleted from September 14, Baldwin stated that he and Bieber were not married at the time.

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"I understand where the speculation came from, but I'm not married!" he tweeted, according to Bustle.

Many people on social media have responded to the couple's marriage news.

"I'm very happy for them," a fan wrote Twitter, with another article: "You two are too cute … I'm glad you found & # 39; your person & # 39;" on Instagram.

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