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Here in 2019 LCS Spring Split All-Pro team


Riot Games opened in 2019 LCS Spring Split All-Pro-Team and Team Liquid players occupy three of the five seats.

team All-Pro this split especially Cloud9 stamp LAner Eric "licorice» Ritchie, Liquid zhangler Jake «Xmithie» Puchero, TSM mid LAner Søren "Bzhergsen» Bjerg, and Liquid bot band duo Yiliang «Doublelift» Peng and Joe «CoreJJ» Yong -in. All five of these players dominated the voting for their respective roles, with each player picking up more than 100 points.

lolesports on Twitter

2019 #LCS Spring Split All-Pro Team Top: @Licorice Jungle: @Xmithie Mid: @Bjergsen Bot: @TLDoublelift Support: @TLCoreJJ

The second command LCS All-Pro has three players Cloud9, while the third team TSM taking three of the five seats. The only player to make one of the All-Pro team this split entirely on Liquid, Cloud9 or TSM with & # 39 is FlyQuest zhangler Lucas "Santorini" Kilmer Dao, which is on the third team.

While every player had the right to vote in, All-Pro team is split were made up entirely of players from the four best teams league.

All-Pro voting panel consisted of the teams, broadcast talent, and third party media, there were 46 in all individual voters.

Riot announced that it will reveal the winners split coach, split rookie and MVP division at a later date.

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