Andréa Bescond, a puppet who doesn't


PORTRAIT – The actress is transitioning on the only screen of the scene where she tells of her harsh childhood. Her husband, Éric Métayer, realized this exemplary nudity.

Andrea Bescond was 9 years old when a family friend started "playing dolls" with him. "He called it tickling," recalled the actress and director. Tickling or Wrathful Dance , it is the title of the show, crowned by the best Molière single-in-scene in 2016, where the blonde dancer plays a character score. Ticklingnow is the title of the film he made with his husband, Éric Métayer. In the film, Odette's parents saw nothing. Their 8-year-old daughter, who dreams of being a star dancer, was raped by a close friend.

Today, the mother of two children, born from her marriage to Éric Métayer, her "savior", has returned to enjoying her life. And let go of that word. "We have the duty to talk, to criticize the bad guy or the sick person. We have to think of other victims," ​​he said, believing that the film, which he also wrote and which he played, was "largely autobiographical". "Everything is there …


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